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Cos'è l'API WhatsApp: velocità di consegna dei messaggi broadcast?

Novembre 30th, 2023

The WhatsApp API broadcast message delivery rate refers to the speed at which messages sent through the WhatsApp API are delivered to recipients. It is a critical metric for businesses relying on WhatsApp for customer engagement, marketing, and other communication purposes. The delivery rate on whatsapp broadcast campaigns is normally 80-95% and is influenced by […]

Devo pagare per ogni messaggio WhatsApp API WhatsApp?

Novembre 28th, 2023

No, if you are on WhatsApp API you don’t have to pay per message. Instead, it’s pay per conversation. Meta will charge you per conversation and not per message. Now what is a Conversation? In the context of the WhatsApp API, a “conversation” refers to the interaction and exchange of messages between a business and […]

Qual è la differenza tra messaggi di utilità e di marketing in WhatsApp?

Novembre 25th, 2023

From the WhatsApp API point of view – conversations (messages) are categorised based on their type which is Marketing, Utility, Authentication, and Service. The name itself speaks about its purpose as well and hence it is priced accordingly per conversation. Now the frequently asked questions are around two main types: utility messages and marketing messages. While […]

Posso aggiungere un pulsante ChatBot di WhatsApp al mio sito Shopify?

Novembre 24th, 2023

Yes, you can add a WhatsApp ChatBot button to your Shopify website. Integrating a WhatsApp ChatBot provides a convenient and familiar channel for user interaction, enhancing customer engagement and support. Now if you’re considering adding a chatbot to your website, you might be wondering if it’s possible to integrate a WhatsApp ChatBot button and divert […]

Se non ho un sito Shopify o WooCommerce posso comunque connettermi a WhatsApp Shop?

Novembre 24th, 2023

Yes, if you have a website that is not built on shopify or woocommerce, hello24.ai can still do a custom integration connecting your website to the whatsapp shop and setup your product catalog. So that your customers can still place orders on the whatsapp shop and do other transactions just like they do on your […]

Riesci a catturare i clienti se il numero di cellulare non viene menzionato durante il pagamento sul sito web?

Novembre 24th, 2023

Yes, you can catch or reach out to those customers who abandoned the cart after adding products if they have filled in their phone numbers. Otherwise, if you have a sign-up option where your customers have to create an account to log in and purchase. In both scenarios, you can use hello24.ai’s abandoned cart automation […]

Posso aggiungere più di 3 pulsanti in un modello di messaggio WhatsApp?

Novembre 20th, 2023

Yes, you can add more than 3 Buttons in a WhatsApp Message Template and do bulk broadcast messages to your audience. But then the next question is why? Expanded Options for Users: Providing more buttons allows businesses to offer a broader range of choices to users. This flexibility can be particularly valuable in scenarios where […]

Posso modificare il messaggio di benvenuto su WhatsApp?

Novembre 20th, 2023

Yes, you can absolutely edit the Welcome Message on WhatsApp. Especially the welcome message that your whatsapp chatbot first shares with your customer on a message prompt. Understanding the Welcome Message The welcome message on a WhatsApp chatbot serves as the initial point of contact between the customer and your brand. It’s the first impression […]

Posso utilizzare la chat-box di WhatsApp per inviare messaggi direttamente ai clienti dopo 24 ore?

Novembre 16th, 2023

No, WhatsApp has a 24 hour rule which is a standard messaging window during which you can chat and send messages directly to customers without additional message templates. This is often referred to as the “24-hour rule” or “session window.” During this period, you can initiate conversations and respond to customer inquiries without restrictions. However, […]

Posso condividere un video 🎥o un documento 📄 tramite i messaggi broadcast di WhatsApp con i clienti?

Novembre 16th, 2023

Yes, you send a video or a document through WhatsApp broadcast messages. This allows you to create better customer engagement while sending updates, promotions, and information to a large audience simultaneously when using the hello24ai platform. WhatsApp Broadcast Messages enable you to send messages to multiple contacts without creating a group chat. This feature is […]