#20 Idées et conseils de marketing et d'automatisation de magasin WhatsApp pour les entreprises D2C et B2C en Italie

photo 20 Idée et suggestions pour le marketing et l'automatisation des négociations sur WhatsApp pour les entreprises D2C et B2C en Italie à partir de hello24ai

Ciao Marketer! Tired of the same old whatsapp marketing strategies for your shop that don’t seem to work for you in Italy?

Then get ready to explode your sales in Italy!

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in Italy, and with shop automation tools by your side, you can transform your D2C and B2C e-commerce marketing from “meh” to “magnificent”!

In this blog, we’re unveiling 20 unmissable tips to help you dominate the WhatsApp marketing game for eCommerce in Italy.

Ready to get everyone in the country talking about you?

Let’s get started!

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(1) Hyper-Personalize Your Messages🎯: Tailor your messages to resonate with your Italian audience. The easiest way is to call out your customers names and fill in the right context that resonates with their pain point or problem which you could solve.

(2) Utilize WhatsApp 💬 API: Seamlessly integrate your ecommerce shop on Shopify & WooCommerce + WhatsApp into your CRM system for efficient communication.

(3) Create Engaging Content 📸: Share HD captivating visuals, videos, and GIFs to capture attention.

(4) Implement 🤖 Chatbots: Automate responses to FAQs and provide instant customer support.

(5) Run Contests and 🎁 Giveaways: Encourage interaction and boost brand awareness.

(6) Offer 💰 Exclusive Promotions: Reward loyal customers with special discounts via WhatsApp.

(7) Provide Order 📦 Updates: Keep customers informed about their purchases through automated notifications.

(8) Must Collect Customer 📋 Feedback: Use instant whatsapp survey forms by hello24.ai to gather valuable insights and improve customer experience.

(9) Auto Segment Your 🥸 Audience: This kick-ass feature of hello24ai helps you re-target specific customer groups with unique behavior via tailored messages. This double ensures a high possibility of a sale or conversion since your messaging is right on target.

(10) Integrate Payment 💳 Options: Enable endless & seamless transactions within the whatsapp chat interface. We have a quick and free integration with RasoirPay

(11) Utiliser WhatsApp  📲 Status or Channel: Share behind-the-scenes glimpses and product teasers with your followers and re-engage them back to your whatsapp shop or chatbot.

(12) Host Live Webinars or 🙋🏻‍♂️Q&A Sessions: 3x engage customers by collecting questions in advance as part of a Q&A session for your live webinar through interactive WhatsApp campaigns.

(13) Collaborate with Influencers 👩‍🔬: Partner with local influencers who have a high following on WhatsApp Channel or on other social platforms (especially Instagram & YouTube) to expand your reach.

(14) Create Interactive 📚 Catalogs: Showcase products & services in a visually appealing format for easy browsing.

(15) Leverage WhatsApp 🌟 Message Broadcast Scheduler: Share real-time updates, time-out offers and create a sense of urgency/FOMO.

(16) Provide Customer Support  ⏰ 24/7 + 365 Days: Ensure round-the-clock assistance through automated responses from the chatbot.

(17) Encourage User-Generated 🖼️ Content: Showcase customer testimonials and reviews on WhatsApp.

(18) Optimize for 📱 Mobile: Design your messages and shop interface for mobile users’ convenience.

(19) Monitor 📊 Analytique: Track performance metrics (open rate, button clicks, messages read & stopped, etc) to refine your strategies over time.

(20) Stay Compliant with Regulations 🔒: Adhere to data protection laws and privacy regulations in Italy.

image montrant 5 stratégies de marketing WhatsApp géniales DE HELLO24AI pour doubler vos revenus en 2024

Now let’s see #10 Real Business in Italy – WhatsApp Marketing & Shop Automation esempi:

👗 Fashion Retailer: Sends personalized style recommendations via WhatsApp based on customer preferences, purchase behavior, and past order history.

🍞 Local Bakery: Accepts orders and provides pickup notifications through WhatsApp automation.

✈️ Tour Operator: Shares travel tips, destination highlights, and booking options via WhatsApp broadcasts.

💇‍♀️ Beauty Salon: Sends appointment reminders, special offers, and beauty tips to clients on WhatsApp.

💪 Fitness Studio: Provides workout schedules, nutrition advice, and motivational messages through WhatsApp groups.

🏡 Home Decor Store: Showcases new arrivals, DIY tips, and exclusive discounts via WhatsApp status updates.

🍷 Wine Producer: E-invites for official wine tastings, pairing suggestions, and direct purchase options to the nearest store via WhatsApp.

📱 Tech Gadgets Store: Sends product demos, tech news updates, and troubleshooting guides via WhatsApp chatbots, plus enables the customer to buy via whatsapp shop.

🐾 Pet Supplies Shop: Shares pet care tips, product recommendations, and grooming services information on WhatsApp.

🍽️ Local Restaurant: Sends menu updates, reservation confirmations, and delivery options through WhatsApp messaging.

photo du client qui a réussi en 2023 avec hello24ai

These are #10 D2C & B2C in Italy that are Growing Rapidly

🛒Winelivery: An Italian e-commerce providing fast wine and drink delivery services. They received $2.7 million in Series A funding.
🛒My Cooking Box: Offers packs with ingredients to prepare Italian gourmet dishes at home. They secured $2.4 million in funding.
🛒Eligo Style: A marketplace for personal stylists with $1 million in seed funding.
🛒Acbc: Leader in applied sustainability in the fashion industry with $290 thousand in pre-seed funding.
🛒Bowlpros: Specializes in refining ingredients and recipes for bowls and accessories with $570 thousand in seed funding.
🛒CashInvoice: A Fintech company dealing with invoice trading and factoring, securing $570 thousand in seed funding.
🛒Deesup: The first Italian marketplace for authentic second-hand home-design items, receiving $1.6 million in Series A funding.
🛒Dog Heroes: Delivers home recipes of fresh food tailored to dogs’ needs, obtaining $1.2 million in seed funding.
🛒Etilika: An e-commerce platform for spirits and wines with $1.3 million in funding.
🛒Genuino.world: Allows users to buy, collect, and trade authentic digital sports memorabilia, securing $990 thousand in pre-seed funding.

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