Bisakah Saya Membuat Tautan WhatsApp dan Kode QR di Facebook Business Manager Gratis?

Gambar menunjukkan FAQ membuat tautan WhatsApp qr dengan manajer bisnis facebook

Yes, you can create a WhatsApp link and QR code on the Facebook business manager and you do not need any other tool or software of any other third-party platform to do it.

This is how you Generate a WhatsApp link or QR Code and test it live:

1) Log in to your Facebook account and navigate to your Facebook Page linked to your Business Manager.

2) Click on the tab WhatsApp Accounts

3) Select your correct whatsapp API account which is mapped to the right number

4) Now click on Manajer WhatsApp to take you to the option to create the whatsapp link

5) Click on settings

6) Click on Message links

7) Click the Create message link to find WhatsApp QR Code Generator

8 ) Type in a pre-text or a pre-prompt message you want, your customers to send to your whatsapp chatbot number to start a conversation (chat).

9) And that’s how you generate or create your whatsapp link and you can copy your whatsapp link or download the QR code in .PNG or code </> SGV which has your whatsapp link to trigger your whatsapp chatbot.

Or just scan it via Google Lens to test our chatbot in action!

Want help with building a whatsapp chatbot workflow?

How to contact Facebook for WhatsApp API support?

If you have questions or troubleshooting regarding your whatsapp number registered on the whatsapp API the best way is the direct support copy and paste this URL https://business.facebook.com/direct-support and login to your business manager. Select a query and add in your issue to get a resolution – it’s fast!

Tentang Hello24.ai

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