Unlock WhatsApp 💬Conversions: The Framework for a Flawless 🙋🏻‍♂️Customer Purchase Journey

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As a product marketer, you understand the importance of a frictionless customer purchase journey on your brand’s WhatsApp shop/store. WhatsApp, with its direct connection to consumers, presents a golden opportunity to craft a buying experience that drives sales and brand loyalty.

But how do you translate that meticulously designed product story into a seamless WhatsApp flow?

This blog is your blueprint for building a flawless purchase journey on your WhatsApp store.

And here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can leverage this platform to turn window shoppers into loyal customers.

💬Step 1: Dive Deep into Your Audience

You’re already a pro at understanding your customers, so let’s apply those skills to WhatsApp. We’re talking about tapping into their psyche – discovering how they hunt for products, what keeps them tossing and turning at night, and how they like to shoot the breeze with brands. Let’s crack the code and speak their language!

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💬Step 2: Craft Your WhatsApp Customer Purchase Journey

Imagine your dream customer strolling into your WhatsApp wonderland. Picture this:

📌Catch Their Eye Early: Collaborate with the marketing maestros to make sure your store stands out. Think flashy social media campaigns and tantalizing in-store promos shouting, “Come chat with us on WhatsApp!”

📌Show, Don’t Just Tell: It’s showtime for your products! Wow them with dazzling visuals, descriptions that practically sizzle with benefits, and irresistible CTAs that scream, “Add to Cart, pronto!”

📌Become Their WhatsApp Guide: Trust is the name of the game in the digital realm. Work hand in hand with your sales squad to deliver lightning-fast, informative responses to customer queries. Showcase your product’s unique charm and use WhatsApp catalogs to curate collections that scream, “You need this in your life!”

📌Smooth Sailing Checkout: Make buying a breeze. Whether it’s integrating secure payment options directly into WhatsApp or giving crystal-clear instructions for external gateways, let’s avoid those checkout fumbles!

📌Keep the Loyalty Alive: The sale’s not over ’til it’s over! Send automated messages for order confirmations, shipping updates, and personalized recommendations. Show them you’re in it for the long haul.

💬Step 3: Personalize Like a Pro

WhatsApp is all about building connections, so let’s ditch the robotic talk! Craft greetings that pop, tailor responses to individual quirks, and don’t forget to sprinkle in their name! This personal touch will make your brand shine brighter than the rest.

💬Step 4: Automate the Boring, Ace the Exciting

You’re all about efficiency, right? That’s where chatbots come in handy. Automate those mundane tasks like answering FAQs and processing simple orders – divert these to a chatbot, leaving you free to focus on crafting killer messages and tackling the tough questions.

💬Step 5: Feedback is Your Fuel

Customer insights are pure gold. Encourage feedback through surveys or quick WhatsApp chats. Dive into your sales data to uncover areas for improvement. This intel is your secret weapon for fine-tuning your strategy and maximizing those conversions!

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💬5 Live Examples of the Customer Purchase Journey for Your Better Understanding

📌eCommerce Website (Buying a new pair of shoes):
  1. Awareness: Scrolling through social media and seeing an ad for a new shoe brand with a catchy slogan and visually appealing photos.
  2. Consideration: Clicking on the ad to visit the brand’s website, browsing the different shoe styles, and reading customer reviews.
  3. Decision: Comparing prices and features with other brands, watching product videos, and checking the return policy.
  4. Action: Selecting the desired shoe size and color, adding them to the shopping cart, entering a discount code (if available), and proceeding to checkout.
  5. Post-Purchase: Receiving confirmation email with order details, tracking information, and estimated delivery date. Option to leave a review on the website after receiving the shoes.
📌Fast Food Restaurant (Ordering a burger):
  1. Awareness: Driving by a familiar fast food restaurant with a craving for a burger.
  2. Consideration: Looking at the menu displayed outside or using the restaurant’s app to browse options and prices.
  3. Decision: Choosing the desired burger combo and any additional sides or drinks.
  4. Action: Ordering through a self-service kiosk, at the counter, or using the mobile app. Paying with cash, credit card, or a mobile payment option.
  5. Post-Purchase: Receiving the order and enjoying the meal. Option to provide feedback through a survey on the receipt or mobile app.
📌Travel Booking Platform (Booking a vacation):
  1. Awareness: Reading an article about a beautiful beach destination and feeling inspired to travel.
  2. Consideration: Visiting a travel booking platform and searching for flights and hotels in the desired location. Setting budget parameters and desired travel dates.
  3. Decision: Comparing prices of different flights and hotels, reading guest reviews, and looking at photos of the accommodations.
  4. Action: Selecting the preferred flight and hotel options, entering passenger information, and completing the booking process with secure payment.
  5. Post-Purchase: Receiving confirmation emails with flight itineraries and hotel booking details. Option to manage the booking online and receive updates about the trip.
📌Subscription Service (Signing up for a fitness app):
  1. Awareness: Seeing a friend post about their fitness progress using a particular app on social media.
  2. Consideration: Downloading the app and exploring the free features. Reading reviews and comparing it with other fitness apps.
  3. Decision: Deciding on a subscription plan that fits their needs and budget. Considering a free trial period if available.
  4. Action: Creating an account, entering payment information, and choosing the desired subscription plan.
  5. Post-Purchase: Gaining access to the app’s full features and starting workout routines. Option to cancel the subscription anytime or upgrade to a different plan.
📌Mobile Banking App (Transferring money):
  1. Awareness: Receiving a notification from a friend requesting money for a group outing.
  2. Consideration: Opening the mobile banking app and verifying the available balance in the account.
  3. Decision: Choosing the recipient’s information and entering the desired transfer amount.
  4. Action: Confirming the transaction with a secure PIN or fingerprint verification.
  5. Post-Purchase: Receiving confirmation of the successful transfer and seeing the updated balance in the account. Option to view transaction history within the app.
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💬Check out a short Digital Customer Journey Map Template

Product/Service: What are you mapping the journey for?

Target Customer: Who is this journey map for? (e.g., FAQ Customers, Online Shopper)

Goal: What do you want the customer to achieve by the end of the journey? (e.g., Raise a support ticket, Make a purchase)

Common Stages:
  • Discovery: How do they find you online? (e.g., Search engine results, Social media ads, Influencer marketing)
  • Sitoumus: What captures their attention on your digital platforms? (e.g., Compelling website content, Engaging product features, Interactive social media posts)
  • Conversion: What motivates them to take action? (e.g., Clear call to action buttons, Secure payment options, Limited-time offers)
  • Post-Conversion: How do you keep them engaged after the initial action? (e.g., Personalized email / whatsapp marketing, Loyalty programs, Ongoing customer support)
For Execution:
  • Touchpoints: Key digital channels where they interact with your brand. (e.g., Website, App, Social media platforms, Email)
  • Actions: Specific steps they take at each stage. (e.g., Clicking on links, Downloading content, Adding items to the cart)
  • Pain Points: Challenges they might face while navigating your digital channels. (e.g., Slow loading times, Confusing website layout, Difficulty finding information)
  • Opportunities: Ways to improve their digital experience at each touchpoint. (e.g., Optimize website speed, Simplify navigation, Offer clear instructions)
Tracking & Analytics:
  • Metrics: Track key performance indicators (KPIs) for each stage. (e.g., Website traffic, Conversion rates, Customer engagement metrics)
WhatsApp Tools:

This customer purchase journey can be flawlessly done with hello24ai’s easy drag + drop whatsapp workflows

Send a 👋”Hei” message via whatsapp using the link below, and watch our chatbot in action!

By focusing on the digital touchpoints and optimizing the customer journey across these channels, you can drive higher engagement and conversions for your online business.

Bonus Tip Below:

Kuvassa whatsapp chatbot vuorovaikutuksessa asiakkaiden pankkitoiminnan kanssa

📌Speedy Gonzalez Mode: Fast replies are the name of the game. Set those expectations high and deliver lightning-speed service.

📌Visuals to Dazzle: High-quality images and videos are your secret weapons. Let’s showcase your products in all their glory and get those engagement levels soaring!

📌Payment Options Galore: Offer a smorgasbord of secure payment methods to cater to every taste. Flexibility is key!

Armed with this roadmap and a sprinkle of teamwork with your sales and marketing allies, you’re set to conquer the right customer purchase journey on WhatsApp and watch those sales skyrocket.

Let’s do this!

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