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WhatsApp Marketing

Engage your customers on their most preferred platform. Convert prospective customers into paying customers with real-time conversations!

Turbocharge your business using WhatsApp Marketing

more ROI

Get 5x more ROI on WhatsApp marketing spend compared to traditional digital ad spends

more CTR

Click-Through Rates (CTR) for WhatsApp is 4x higher compared to email & search based channels

Rich media and interactives

Enrich your marketing campaign with rich media and interactives and get your customers’ attention!

Rich media content – video, image & document attachments,

Interactives –  Call-To-Action buttons, Quick reply buttons, lists.

Call-To-Action buttons can take your customers to the product/checkout page and drastically improves ROI of your WhatsApp marketing campaign!

Interactive content gets 100% more engagement rates!
WhatsApp Interactive buttons
WhatsApp Chatbots for Customer Service in India by hello24ai

Contextualized content for customer groups

Segment your customer base into logical groups and engage with each of the groups with contextualized content!

Build targeted campaigns for your users instead of one-size-fits-all messaging! Send relevant marketing messages based on what products they browsed, what products they bought, what language they prefer, etc.

Scale up your marketing outreach seamlessly

Personalized message for each customer

Now customize the marketing content for every customer. Our marketing automation workbench helps to set campaigns with pre-defined message templates and variables.

Achieve highest level of personalization and make the messages look like you are directly speaking to the customer!

Improve your customer experience by understanding their unique needs
hello24.ai Top 5 Killer WhatsApp Marketing Strategies that doubled revenue for D2C/B2C brands and eCommerce clients
Marketing Campaign Analytics

Customer behaviour insights

Get deeper insights into your customer behavior by analyzing campaign data!

Understand the engagement levels using Click-through rates which track all customer interactions with the WhatsApp ad.

Instantly get a view of ROI on the marketing spend by measuring the sales generated post the marketing campaign.

Get the highest ROI among all digital marketing spends!

We make our clients win big!


saw 5x higher ROI on their WhatsApp marketing spends

Ecovacs is engaging its customer base on WhatsApp through Cross-Sell and Re-Sell opportunities.

“Hello24’s conversational platform enables Ecovacs to effectively engage your customer base and help improve customer loyalty and lifetime value.”

– Dhaval Panchal, CTO.

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