Måste jag betala per WhatsApp Message WhatsApp API?

bild som visar WhatsApp API Pay Per Message-konversationer mellan varumärke och kund med hello24.ai

No, if you are on WhatsApp API you don’t have to pay per message. Instead, it’s pay per conversation. Meta will charge you per conversation and not per message.

Now what is a Conversation?

In the context of the WhatsApp API, a “conversation” refers to the interaction and exchange of messages between a business and a user on the WhatsApp platform in 24 hours. The WhatsApp API allows businesses to engage with their customers in a conversational manner, providing a more dynamic and interactive experience.

picture showing WhatsApp API Pay Per Message conversations with hello24.ai

So now What is Pay Per Conversation on WhatsApp API instead of Message?

Like mentioned above a conversation has a validity of 24 hours. So after the said time, it is treated as another conversation. Hence as per Meta’s Conversation-Based Pricing, it charges you per conversation and not per message (if it was per message then the entire cost would be a bomb to small & medium businesses). The charge happens when your initial message gets delivered and the conversation thread is triggered.

Is there a Per Day Messaging limit on the Broadcast option with WhatsApp API?

Yes, there is a per-day limit for broadcast messaging via whatsapp API set by Meta to double sure that brands don’t bulk spam the public and run away. The limit set goes like this:-

  1. Broadcast messages per day = 250, if your business entity is not verified on Meta (Facebook) Business Manager.
  2. Broadcast messages per day = 1000, once your business entity is verified on Meta (Facebook) Business Manager.
  3. Broadcast messages per day = 10000, as per the Meta messaging condition mentioned below (in image).
  4. Broadcast messages per day = 100000, as per the Meta messaging condition mentioned below (in image).
  5. Broadcast messages per day = ‘Unlimited’, as per the Meta messaging condition mentioned below (in the image).
picture showing meta messaging per day limit on the hello24.ai account

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Ungefär Hello24.ai

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