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CMOs, are you tired of shouting into the void of generic marketing campaigns?

Does the idea of blasting out yet another email make you want to take a social media detox?

Well, ditch the megaphone and tune into the hottest channel on the planet: WhatsApp.

But wait, there’s more!

We’re not talking endless manual messaging here.

We’re talking WhatsApp marketing automation, the secret weapon that will turbocharge your CMO game and have customers raving about your brand.

Stel je dit eens voor: Je kan versturen hyper personalized messages that land directly in your customers’ pockets, on a platform they already love. No spam folders, no inbox oblivion. Just targeted communication that feels like a friendly chat with a friend (who also happens to have amazing products or services).

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📌Here’s how WhatsApp-marketingautomatisering levels up your CMO game:

☑️Free Up Your Superstar Team: Stop wasting precious marketing hours on repetitive tasks. Chatbots can handle FAQs, send appointment reminders, and even answer basic questions, freeing up your team to focus on strategic brilliance.

☑️Scale Like a Superhero: Reach a whole new legion of fans with bulk messaging that’s laser-focused on specific demographics or interests. No more casting a net and hoping for the best.

☑️Become a Customer Service Ninja: Provide 24/7 x 365 days support with chatbots that can answer questions and point customers in the right direction, even when your team is catching some Zzz’s.

☑️Personalization Power: Leverage customer data to craft messages that resonate. Forget generic greetings, send birthday wishes, or special offers that make your customers feel like rock stars.

☑️Engagement on Fire: People love WhatsApp. By using it for marketing, you tap into that pre-existing preference and create conversations, not just broadcasts.

📌5 Examples or Use Cases of WhatsApp Marketing Automation for a CMO to figure out B2B, B2C, and D2C

💡B2B (Business to Business) 🏭 ↔️ 🏫

image showing WhatsApp Marketing Automation: A Guide for CMOs in b2b
  1. Lead Nurturing and Follow-Ups
    • Scenario: A software company uses WhatsApp to automate follow-up messages with potential clients who have shown interest in their products.
    • Automatisering: Send personalized follow-up messages, share case studies, and schedule demo reminders based on client interactions and behavior.
  2. Event Invitations and Reminders
    • Scenario: A B2B event management company automates the process of inviting attendees and sending reminders.
    • Automatisering: Automatically send event invitations, provide agenda details, and send reminders and updates to ensure high attendance.
  3. Customer Support and Troubleshooting
    • Scenario: An IT solutions provider offers automated customer support through WhatsApp for quick troubleshooting and support.
    • Automatisering: Use chatbots to handle common technical support queries, schedule service calls, and provide step-by-step troubleshooting guides.
  4. Onboarding New Clients
    • Scenario: A consultancy firm uses WhatsApp to streamline the onboarding process for new clients.
    • Automatisering: Send automated onboarding messages, provide documentation, and schedule introductory meetings with consultants.
  5. Contract Renewal Reminders
    • Scenario: A logistics company automates reminders for contract renewals and service updates.
    • Automatisering: Send personalized renewal reminders, share new contract terms, and offer assistance for any questions regarding the renewal process.

💡B2C (Business to Consumer) 🏢 ↔️ 👨‍💼

image showing WhatsApp Marketing Automation: A Guide for CMOs in b2c
  1. Promotional Campaigns
    • Scenario: A retail store launches an automated WhatsApp campaign to promote a seasonal sale.
    • Automatisering: Send personalized discount codes, highlight best-selling products, and remind customers about the sale end date.
  2. Order Confirmation and Tracking
    • Scenario: An e-commerce site automates order confirmations and shipping updates through WhatsApp.
    • Automatisering: Automatically send order confirmations, shipping notifications, and real-time tracking updates to customers.
  3. Customer Feedback and Surveys
    • Scenario: A restaurant chain collects customer feedback through automated WhatsApp surveys.
    • Automatisering: Send automated survey requests post-visit, collect feedback, and analyze responses to improve service quality.
  4. Appointment Scheduling
    • Scenario: A beauty salon uses WhatsApp to automate appointment scheduling and reminders.
    • Automatisering: Allow customers to book appointments, send confirmation messages, and remind them of their appointments a day before.
  5. Loyalty Program Engagement
    • Scenario: A coffee shop engages customers in their loyalty program via WhatsApp.
    • Automatisering: Send updates on loyalty points, and exclusive offers for loyalty members, and notify customers about upcoming rewards.

💡D2C (Direct to Consumer) 🏦 ↔️ 😎

image showing WhatsApp Marketing Automation: A Guide for CMOs in d2c
  1. Product Launch Announcements
    • Scenario: A fashion brand uses WhatsApp to announce new product launches directly to its customers.
    • Automatisering: Send teasers, launch dates, and exclusive early access links to loyal customers.
  2. Post-Purchase Engagement
    • Scenario: A skincare brand keeps customers engaged post-purchase with helpful tips and product usage guides.
    • Automatisering: Send automated messages with tips on how to use the purchased product, and care instructions, and ask for product reviews.
  3. Cart Abandonment Reminders
    • Scenario: A D2C online store targets customers who have abandoned their carts.
    • Automatisering: Automatically send reminders about abandoned items, offer discounts, and assist with the checkout process.
  4. Subscription Renewals
    • Scenario: A meal kit delivery service automates subscription renewal reminders and offers.
    • Automatisering: Send reminders about upcoming renewals, exclusive renewal offers, and options to customize or change the subscription plan.
  5. Personalized Recommendations
    • Scenario: A fitness brand provides personalized product recommendations based on customer purchase history and preferences.
    • Automatisering: Send tailored product suggestions, special offers on related items, and updates on new arrivals that match customer interests.

Ready to join the WhatsApp marketing revolution? Here’s your launchpad:

  1. Mission Define: What’s your WhatsApp marketing superpower? More sales? Raving fans? Knowing your goal is key to crafting a winning strategy.
  2. Build Your Fan Club: Get the party started by encouraging customers to connect with you on WhatsApp. Offer incentives, or add a snazzy opt-in button to your website.
  3. Pick Your Power Tools: There are marketing automation platforms that team up perfectly with the WhatsApp Business API. Find the one that fits your budget and lets your creativity flow.


  • Soaring engagement rates that leave email marketing in the dust.
  • Happy customers raving about your brand and spreading the word.
  • A marketing team freed from repetitive tasks, ready to focus on strategic brilliance.

So CMO Book a free demo with us today and discover how WhatsApp automation can turn your marketing goals into reality. Spots are limited, so don’t miss out!

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