Kan jeg redigere velkomst-/hilsenbeskeden på WhatsApp?

Billede, der viser, hvordan man opretter en velkomstbesked WhatsApp-chatbot af hello24.ai

Yes, you can absolutely edit the Welcome or Greeting Message on WhatsApp. Especially the welcome message that your whatsapp chatbot first shares with your customer on a message prompt.

Understanding the Welcome or Greeting Message for WhatsApp

The welcome message on a WhatsApp chatbot serves as the initial point of contact between the customer and your brand. It’s the first impression that can influence the user’s perception and engagement level. While WhatsApp chatbots come with default welcome messages, many users wonder if they can customize this crucial element to align with their brand personality or provide specific information.

picture showing a welcome message from hello24.ai whatsapp chatbot

Did you know that with the hello24.ai tool, you can even add a video, image, or document along with a welcome message on whatsapp?

How to set up a Custom Greeting Message using the WhatsApp API?

First, you need to choose a Business Solution Provider (BSP) like hello24.ai, then use the chatbot workflow. Drag and drop the start box, now edit the “add the welcome message” you want to, hit the save button and finally save the workflow.

Picture showing hello24.ai workflow and welcome message edit option inside whatsapp chatbot.

Now here are five samples of greeting messages on whatsapp for each business category:

Greeting Message WhatsApp for Direct-to-Consumer (D2C):

  1. Warm Welcome:
    • “Hello [Customer’s Name], welcome to [Your Brand]! We’re thrilled you’re here. Feel free to explore our latest products, and if you have any questions, we’re just a message away. Happy shopping!”
  2. Exclusive Offer:
    • “Hi there! As a thank you for joining us, here’s an exclusive 10% off your first purchase. Use code WELCOME10 at checkout. Happy shopping and thanks for being a part of [Your Brand]!”
  3. Product Recommendations:
    • “Greetings [Customer’s Name]! Looking for something specific? Let us help you! Tell us your preferences, and we’ll recommend the perfect products tailored just for you. 🛍️”
  4. Stay Connected:
    • “Welcome to the [Your Brand] family, [Customer’s Name]! We love staying connected with our community. Join our newsletter for the latest updates, exclusive offers, and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks. Subscribe now!”
  5. Interactive Welcome Quiz:
    • “Hey [Customer’s Name], excited to have you here! Let’s get to know your style. Take our quick welcome quiz, and we’ll curate a personalized shopping experience just for you. Ready to begin?”

Greeting Message WhatsApp for Business-to-Business (B2B):

  1. Introduction and Services:
    • “Hello [Client’s Name], welcome to [Your Company]! We’re here to elevate your business. Explore our range of services designed to enhance efficiency and drive success. Any specific goals we can assist you with?”
  2. Schedule a Demo:
    • “Greetings [Client’s Name]! Ready to experience the power of our solutions firsthand? Schedule a personalized demo at your convenience. We look forward to showcasing how [Your Product/Service] can benefit your business.”
  3. Exclusive Insights:
    • “Hi [Client’s Name], welcome aboard! As a valued partner, we’re excited to share exclusive industry insights with you. Stay tuned for regular updates that can help you stay ahead in the market.”
  4. Dedicated Account Manager:
    • “Welcome to [Your Company], [Client’s Name]! We believe in personalized service. Your dedicated account manager, [Manager’s Name], is here to assist you. Have any questions? Feel free to reach out.”
  5. Client Success Stories:
    • “Hello [Client’s Name], great to have you with us! Dive into our client success stories and discover how businesses like yours have benefited from partnering with [Your Company]. Ready for success together?”

Welcome/Greeting Message WhatsApp for Business-to-Consumer (B2C):

  1. Warm Welcome and Exclusive Offer:
    • “Hello [Customer’s Name], welcome to [Your Brand] on WhatsApp! 🌟 To kick off your journey with us, here’s an exclusive 15% off your first purchase. Use code WELCOME15 at checkout. Happy shopping! 🛍️”
  2. Product Discovery Adventure:
    • “Hi there, [Customer’s Name]! Ready to discover amazing products? 🚀 Let’s embark on a personalized product journey together! What are you in the mood for today? Reply with a keyword like ‘Fashion’ or ‘Tech’ to get started!”
  3. Interactive Quiz for Personalized Recommendations:
    • “Hey [Customer’s Name], we’re thrilled you’re here! 🎉 To ensure your experience is tailored just for you, take our quick quiz! What’s your style? Casual or Trendsetter? Let’s find out together!”
  4. Join Our VIP Club:
    • “Welcome to [Your Brand], [Customer’s Name]! 🌟 You’re now an honorary member of our VIP Club. Expect exclusive previews, early access to sales, and special treats. Stay tuned for the VIP experience!”
  5. Chat with Our Style Experts:
    • “Hello [Customer’s Name], delighted to have you with us! Need fashion advice or have questions about our products? Our style experts are here to assist you. Feel free to ask anything – your style journey starts now!”

Want to know more about custom hyper-personalised greeting message on the whatsapp chatbot?

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