Can I Use WhatsApp Chat-Box To Message Customers Directly After 24 Hours?

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No, WhatsApp has a 24 hour rule which is a standard messaging window during which you can chat and send messages directly to customers without additional message templates. This is often referred to as the “24-hour rule” or “session window.” During this period, you can initiate conversations and respond to customer inquiries without restrictions.

However, once the 24-hour window has elapsed, you are limited in sending proactive messages directly to customers. To send messages outside the 24-hour window, you need to use message templates, which must be pre-approved by WhatsApp. These templates are structured messages with predefined content and are designed for specific use cases like appointment reminders, shipping notifications, and more.

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In Summary About WhatsApp 24 Hour Messaging Rule:

  1. Within 24 Hours: You can chat and send direct messages to your customers without restrictions.
  2. After 24 Hours: Proactive messages require the use of pre-approved message templates to basically chat with your customers. And when a customer replies your next 24-hour window starts.

WhatsApp’s policies and features may evolve, so it’s recommended to check the latest documentation from WhatsApp or consult with your WhatsApp Business API provider for the most current information.

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