Why WhatsApp is the Future of eCommerce?

(The Future of eCommerce)

“After generating over 10 million INR in sales for our eCommerce customers, collaborating with more than 500 eCommerce brands, and growing sales by over 20%.”

The following are our predictions for WhatsApp in 2023:

How WhatsApp Will Change the Future of eCommerce:

Technology Upgrade:

Technology has become the primary reason why WhatsApp will be the future of eCommerce.

Payment: WhatsApp Stores with product catalogs and UPI payment collecting will be widespread by the first half of 2023.

Customers can update their delivery address in their WhatsApp account; the information will then be prepopulated at checkout for future transactions. There is no need to manually enter the address each time.

“An experience akin to Amazon and Walmart”

Customer Retention:

In the future of eCommerce, WhatsApp will rule the customer retention segment, although eCommerce websites and advertisements will be used to take the consumer’s first order.

Brands will be able to offer a 1-click checkout with a WhatsApp UPI payment experience for upselling and cross-selling.

First-Party Data Collection:

In the future of eCommerce, brands will move from “Run Ads to get website visitors” to “Run Ads to get buyer phone numbers for WhatsApp marketing.”

Data collection about potential customers will be prioritized, and WhatsApp marketing software will be able to offer choices for segmented automation processes that can be used to nurture leads via WhatsApp.

In essence, just like B2B, Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing, and eCommerce Demand Generation will become standard practices, with WhatsApp serving as the primary communication channel.

Bringing Offline-Like Online Purchasing Experience:

Between selling something entirely online with no human interaction and selling items in person at physical stores with 100% human interaction, the concept of “Assisted Commerce” will spread to include hybrid offerings.

In the future of eCommerce, real-time communications using WhatsApp audio calls and video calls will be used to close sales.

Strong CRM features will be developed by WhatsApp Marketing Software exclusively for eCommerce clients.

Customer Support:

There are dependable ticketing systems like Freshdesk and Zendesk that use email as a communication channel. Both the intelligent agent routing system and the customer support ticketing features will be available for WhatsApp in 2023.

From the perspective of the customer, emailing the customer care team will be obsolete. In the future of eCommerce, WhatsApp will be used to smoothly handle customer support issues.

Customers are more likely to use WhatsApp to submit forms, reviews, videos, screenshots, product images, and voice memos about a problem they are having with a product or purchase.

WhatsApp the Next Big eCommerce Channel:

What factors are behind the optimism regarding WhatsApp’s potential to become a successful eCommerce platform in future?

There are a lot of aspects that play a part in making WhatsApp the next big eCommerce marketing channel, but we’ve already covered some of the most significant ones.

In short, interesting times are ahead!

A complete shopping experience in hand is the future of eCommerce and D2C brands should adopt the WhatsApp business API solution in their business to get ahead of their competitors in the market.

Final Takeaway!

WhatsApp has changed how businesses interact with their customers in response to the changing environment. Moreover, it has developed into a significant platform for the next big thing.

Despite the difficult journey, it is obvious that every business is now prepared to begin the conversational experience in order to lead the pack.

Conversational commerce and contactless shopping are radically changing as a result of WhatsApp’s expanding features and scope. Therefore, the brands must get ready to interact with the customers if they want to stay on top of these developments.

In a nutshell, WhatsApp has grown in popularity and is now the next major e-commerce channel as a result of change and new technology.

Therefore, WhatsApp will undoubtedly be the future of eCommerce, and the eCommerce market has already begun implementing WhatsApp marketing, sales, and support solutions in their operations.

Be an early adopter of WhatsApp’s commerce and marketing solutions because those that do so typically prosper in the industry.

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