What Others Don’t Tell You About The WhatsApp Green Tick in 2023

What Others Don’t Tell You About The WhatsApp Green Tick in 2023 - hello24.ai
Disclaimer: You Will Be Surprised To Know The Truth About Why WhatsApp Green Tick in 2023 is a big thing for Brands.

First of all, the real quest?on should be.
Why get a Green Tick for your Brand’s WhatsApp Account?

Your brand gains organic trust and authenticity when your customers see that green tick (verified Whatsapp account). It adds credibility to your brand, and the messages conveyed via WhatsApp by the brand will be viewed with a bigger emotion of faith. While your brand becomes very reliable in the eyes of your audience.

Which will in turn increase your goodwill while your brand name gets spread via word of mouth.

This simply answers your question of why your brand needs a WhatsApp green tickwhatsapp green tick from hello24.ai

So here we spoke to some well-known D2C and B2C brands to list out a couple of crucial points. Further to review before applying for the green tick for your brand on WhatsApp.

FYI – Keeping the below-mentioned points checked increases the odds of getting your brand that green tick you have been dreaming of. 
  • Exact information on your brand’s website (logo, about products and services, mentioning your WhatsApp display name)

  • Your brand’s WhatsApp display name must match your website.

  • You should have at least 3 external media coverage links from newspapers, magazines, etc. (Do not use links from your own website, these are not valid and will be brownie points to get rejected).
  • Having a high number of likes on your Brand’s Facebook page can help you prove relevant in Meta’s eyes.
  • Adding the total number of employees working in your brand (eg: 25-100 employees), and its revenue on the public medium (LinkedIn, AngelList, GlassDoor. etc) can help you prove relevant. Links supporting these numbers would definitely increase the chances of success in getting the green tickwhatsapp green tick from hello24.aiapproved. You can submit up to 5 supporting links to show that the brand is notable.

Important: Choose each option carefully (it is like registering KYC while opening a bank account). Because you get rejected it takes about another 30 days to submit another request.

Now let us dig into the Steps to apply for the green tickwhatsapp green tick from hello24.ai verified badge on WhatsApp after you have a WhatsApp API registered and the above-mentioned points fixed!

Finally, to apply for your Brand’s verified badge (green tick) on WhatsApp in 2023, you will need to follow these extremely simple steps:

All you need to do is just apply directly through the WhatsApp Manager

Check into the phone number section, then to profile.

hello24.ai whatsapp green tick registration process

Once the needful is done, WhatsApp will review your brand’s application and, once approved, will allot a verified account (green tickwhatsapp green tick from hello24.aibadge*). 

*WhatsApp does not guarantee that all applications will be approved and the process can take several weeks.

Furthermore, WhatsApp doesn’t allow personal account verification, it’s only for business and brand accounts.

Last but not least you have two options Now:-

#One: If you still have doubts – we can guide you through a live demo call.

#Two: If you feel confident, and that you are an expert in WhatsApp Conversational Marketing.

We have 3 business booming plans to try out – where you get “First 1000 conversations free across all plans, every month“.

How to apply for WhatsApp green tick Hello24.ai

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