Can I Get A WhatsApp Green Tick Without PR & Organic Content In The Public Domain?

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🌐📲 In the realm of social media and online platforms, that highly sought-after whatsapp green tick has become a symbol of prestige for many users. It often stands for credibility, authenticity, and influence. While celebrities, public figures, and renowned brands are usually linked with verification, an increasing number of regular folks aspire to nab that elusive green tick beside their username. 🤔💚 But, is it possible to secure it without depending on PR (Public Relations) and organic content in the public domain? 🤷‍♂️💬

What is WhatsApp ✅ Green Tick

Verification badges, often in the form of green ticks, blue checkmarks, or similar symbols, are typically awarded by platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to confirm the authenticity and prominence of an account.

This whatsapp green tick✅ badge serves to distinguish legitimate accounts from impersonators and fan pages. They are also intended to help users connect with the right people and organizations.

PR and Organic Content: The Traditional Route

To understand whether you can apply for a green tick without PR and organic content, let’s delve into the role of these elements in verification:

1. PR (Public Relations)

Public Relations plays a crucial role in securing a verification badge, especially for businesses and influencers. PR activities, such as media coverage, partnerships, and collaborations, can increase your online visibility and attract the attention of platform administrators responsible for verification.

2. Organic Content in the Public Domain

Organic content, on the other hand, involves creating and sharing original, engaging content that resonates with your target audience. This content should be easily discoverable by users through hashtags, trending topics, and shareability.

The Role of PR and Organic Content in Verification✅

In reality, both PR and organic content are instrumental in the whatsapp green tick verification process. Platforms tend to verify accounts that have a substantial online presence, which is a direct result of both PR efforts and the quality of organic content.

PR and Verification:

  • PR activities often result in media coverage and collaborations that lead to a surge in followers and public interest.
  • Verified accounts are expected to be notable, and PR can help establish this notability.
  • Platform administrators often consider PR efforts as an indicator of an account’s(brand’s) legitimacy.

Organic Content and Verification:

  • Quality organic content contributes to an account’s appeal, making it a more attractive target for verification.
  • Regular and engaging posts help increase the account’s visibility and reach.
  • Trending and shareable content can draw the attention of platform administrators.
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So, Can You Get Verified Without PR and Organic Content?

While it is theoretically not possible to get a verified whatsapp green tick without PR and organic content, it is exceedingly rare. Here’s why:

  1. PR and Notability: Achieving notability without PR can be exceptionally challenging, especially for new brands and startups. PR helps you connect with the right audience and make a name for your brand.
  2. Organic Content and Appeal: Platforms are more likely to verify accounts that have substantial, engaging content. Without organic content, your account may not be appealing enough to warrant verification.
  3. Platform Guidelines: Verification criteria vary among platforms, but most require some form of notability and authentic presence, which is usually established through PR and organic content.

How To Get Green Tick on WhatsApp?

Getting the green tick on WhatsApp, also known as the Official Business Account (OBA) badge, isn’t straightforward. It’s meant for established businesses and brands, not personal accounts mostly. Here’s what you need to know:


  • Business Account: You can only get the green tick with a WhatsApp Business API account, not the standard app.
  • Verification: Your Facebook Business Manager account associated with the API must be verified.
  • Brand recognition: Your brand should be well-known and searched for online.
  • Activity: You should have a significant number of daily interactions with customers through WhatsApp messages.
Please note the checklist below for applying for a ✅green tick verified WhatsApp account with Meta:-

1) You would need a hero content about your brand - stating the legacy of the brand, customer base, revenue figures, number of products, etc., and stating a strong reason as to why you want to apply for a green tick for your whatsapp number.

2) Meta also requires 5 URL links about your brand, organically mentioned in the public domain as proof/validating the brand reputation. 

3) Please read more about our green tick blog here 🔗 What Others Don’t Tell You About The WhatsApp Green Tick in 2024

Application process:

  1. Meet the criteria: Ensure you fulfill all the above requirements.
  2. Submit request: Log in to WhatsApp Manager, go to Account Tools > Profile, and submit a request for an OBA badge.

Boosting your chances:

  • Website and email: Have a professional website and official email address.
  • Marketing: Run Click-to-WhatsApp ad campaigns to demonstrate platform usage.
  • High rating: Maintain a good rating for your WhatsApp number.
  • Brand awareness: Increase your brand’s presence online and offline.

Important notes:

  • The process can take weeks or even months.
  • Approval isn’t guaranteed, and WhatsApp doesn’t disclose specific criteria.
  • Focus on building your brand and customer engagement—the green tick might follow.
  • If your request for whatsapp green tick verification is rejected, don’t worry you can apply after 30 days again.

Here are some helpful resources on how to get whatsapp green tick:

  • WhatsApp Help Center (link)
  • How to Apply for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification: (link)
  • How to get a green tick on WhatsApp in 6 easy steps?: link

Remember, the green tick is just one aspect of building trust with your customers. Focus on excellent service, communication, and a strong brand experience for long-term success.

In Conclusion – WhatsApp Green Tick

💡🟢 While the notion of snagging a green checkmark without PR 📢🤝 and organic content 🌱🌐 in the public domain might seem tempting, it’s quite an uncommon feat. 🤷‍♂️🌟 PR efforts and crafting organic content are the conventional and proven paths to verification. By embracing these practices, you up your odds of scoring that coveted green tick, a symbol of authenticity and prominence in the online universe. 🚀🌐

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