WhatsApp Chatbot for Business

WhatsApp Chatbot for Business

WhatsApp is the ideal platform to acquire and retain paying customers because its ability to reach and engage customers effectively. Your brand will benefit from incorporating WhatsApp’s chatbot into an overall customer interaction strategy, enabling your service to function at a high level!!

WhatsApp Chatbot - A quick intro!

WhatsApp unveiled its Enterprise API in 2018. As a result, brands now have the freedom to communicate with customers on WhatsApp at scale thanks to the WhatsApp Business Solution. WhatsApp Business API delivers a higher level of efficacy and cost-effectiveness in brand-customer interactions. Many brands are using this to further improve their customer service by sending alerts to make specific, instant social transactions, share captivating promotional offers, or provide live customer support on WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp Business API allows companies to interact with their customers proactively or reactively and scale on demand. This permits a company’s client service or sales representatives to interact with clients over WhatsApp, using the platform as a proactive method of providing services to customers or reaching out to prospective clients. There is also a more advanced and advantageous alternative for companies to implement a WhatsApp bot for an interview.

By leveraging the advanced conversational technology of Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Machine Learning (ML), a WhatsApp chatbot helps your brand connect and engage with customers around the clock, offer customer support, or complete lead communication with zero human intervention. As your business grows with increased customer engagement, an Intelligent Virtual Assistant (or) Chatbot can be your answer to keep your customers readily engaged across various touch points.

WhatsApp has advanced the way many small and big businesses operate today. WhatsApp Commerce has transcended to a major customer engagement platform, that brands use to market and sell with their consumers, by becoming the most responsive channel for buying and selling digitally.

WhatsApp Chatbot has cemented supremacy in the realm of Conversational AI. Yes! You read right!

Listed the major reasons:

  • 2 Billion Active Users Globally – making WhatsApp the World’s largest messaging platform!
  • Available in 180 Countries & 60 Different Languages – Build chatbots on WhatsApp to communicate with people in their native language.
    • Connecting 400+ Million Indians. 
  • 50 million business users – WhatsApp is now integral to virtually every business’s customer engagement strategy.

Benefits of WhatsApp Chatbot

Every day, millions of people download WhatsApp, indicating that they make themselves accessible to people and businesses alike!!! The app is the third most popular downloaded worldwide, so it has a high probability of connecting you to your current or potential customers. Further, it enables you with powerful features, as listed below, to improve your customer engagement.

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WhatsApp API Features

Build WhatsApp Chatbot using hello24

Advanced chatbot builder

Hello24.ai’s Drag-and-drop chatbot builder is easy to use and allows you to build a chatbot in a few seconds. This makes us a great choice for people who want to quickly create and test chatbots.

We have topic-based templates with deep integrations to Shopify, Woocommerce, Razorpay, etc. This means that you start with a basic template and then add your own content. This can be a great way to get started, and launch your WhatsApp commerce bot without any hustle!

Some drag-and-drop chatbot builders allow you to create custom templates. This gives you more flexibility and allows you to create a chatbot that is specific to your needs.

Enhanced UI Elements

WhatsApp provides a rich media and interactive platform which leads to a customer experience better than that of other marketing channels. Here are key features on WhatsApp Business API which make WhatsApp Marketing more interactive.

List: A interactive message with up to 10 options and additional context as required for each option (using the dedicated description line)

Quick Reply: A interactive message with up to 3 options. Each option is a button and enables users to make a selection with just one tap. Since the introduction, Quick reply buttons have become the key feature to reduce spam reports by customers. Adding a quick reply button – “Stop” to your marketing campaign messages and creating a local DND list is the key to keep the spam reports under control!

Call-To-Action: Companies can use call-to-action buttons to direct users to visit a website and/or make a phone call

Smart Agent hand-off for Complex Queries

Deliver empowering customer experiences with seamless live-chat integration and enable consumers by offering proactive, self-service, automated help when needed. Eliminate consumer distress by providing immediate access to live agents at any time, when needed.

WhatsApp Chatbots for Customer Service in India by hello24ai

24*7 Availability - that's hello24!

Unlike people, WhatsApp chatbots are accessible 24/7. They always be able to offer prompt answers to your clients in whatever language they prefer. This generates a significant boost in CSAT and NPS!

About Hello24.ai

Hello24.ai is conversational commerce platform that helps companies to engage customers on WhatsApp. Our platform enable you to 

  • Double your sales with guided WhatsApp selling
  • Get 10x ROAS on marketing spends
  • Automate customer support queries

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