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Keeping in touch with your consumers and clients is crucial if you own a business or organization. Using instant messaging apps like WhatsApp is a valuable tool for this. However, managing many messages and queries can be time-consuming and resource-intensive without a dedicated workforce. No Code Whatsapp Chatbot are helpful for this purpose.

And that is why you should make a no code WhatsApp chatbot to improve customer experience with your brand. It needs no coding to make one with the hello24.ai platform.

However, a WhatsApp bot can take a lot of time to code, and you might be sick of starting fresh. Stop scrounging around; we’ve got just what you need! You don’t need to know how to code! With our platform, creating a chatbot is as easy as using a drag-and-drop editor.

Your bot can be customized to perform various tasks, from answering frequently asked questions to send personalized messages and even interacting with third-party APIs. The best part is that you don’t even have to know how to code to do all of this! Our platform handles all the nitty-gritty so you can concentrate on creating a fantastic chatbot tailored to your company’s or organization’s specific needs.

Before jumping into the step-by-step guide, let’s understand why WhatsApp is the best platform for chatbots! So, let’s dive in.

Why is WhatsApp the best platform for Chatbots?

Extensive audience base

Given WhatsApp’s large user base, it’s an excellent place for companies to communicate with prospective clients. As a result of WhatsApp’s massive user base, businesses may reach a plethora of clients and impart useful information through the employment of chatbots.

Simple incorporation

WhatsApp provides a basic application programming interface (API) that facilitates chatbot integration for enterprises. In this way, companies may test the waters with chatbots without committing resources to lengthy development cycles.

Why is WhatsApp the best platform for Chatbots

User-friendly interface

WhatsApp’s intuitive design makes it simple for its users to engage with WhatsApp chatbots. Users may simply connect with chatbots and acquire the information they need with simple text-based instructions and the option to attach media. Example: Maya whatsapp bot by Kerala Tourism.

Possibilities for customization

WhatsApp enables enterprises to tailor WhatsApp chatbots to address their unique requirements. This includes adjusting the chatbot’s conversation flow to meet the company’s goals, adding tailored responses, and setting up automatic messaging.

Enhanced customer experience

Because WhatsApp chatbots can respond instantly to client questions, they make it simple for businesses to give high-quality support. It contributes to better consumer service and higher satisfaction levels for them. Example: chatGPT integrated whatsapp bot.


WhatsApp chatbots can cut customer service costs dramatically. Companies can save money on customer care agents by using chatbots to handle common inquiries and provide rapid responses. As a result, it’s an excellent option for companies on a tight budget who want to provide better customer support.

So, using chatbots on WhatsApp is one way to enhance customer support and cut operational expenses. Now, it’s time to check the detailed step-by-step guide to creating a No-coder WhatsApp chatbot! So, let’s check it!

Step by Step Guide to make a No Code Whatsapp ChatBot with Hello 24

To build your own WhatsApp bot, follow these instructions for utilizing Hello 24:-

Sing up for a Hello24ai account

To build a WhatsApp bot, you must register an account on the Hello 24 platform. To join Hello24ai, go to our website (hello24.ai)  and select the “Log In” tab.

Go to Workflow to find your No code whatsapp chatbot builder

Our platform has many features that lets you build a chatbot n under 5 minutes! Let’s see in this article, how that can be done!

Now, when you go to the platform, you can check an option called “workflow” on the left side. Click on that! You will have a screen that will be blank if you haven’t configured anything, i.e. if it’s off or not live!

chatbot - start screen

Get started - First the Greeting Message for WhatsApp

The first and most crucial step is a warm greeting which is a customer’s introduction to your WhatsApp channel. You can click on the Start, drag it and then click once. You can click on edit, and many options will pop up. Now, you can customize each answer. For instance, if clients say “hello, hi,” you can make answers like “hi, hello, good morning etc.” Alterations must be entered in a single, comma-separated string to ensure the bot treats them as an individual answer.

1. Ask Questions

Then you can ask questions like – Hey, how can I help you? And after that, you can add a predefined option for a bot to ask the user. It can be like – “Visit our service, contact the expert,” etc. We always recommend you use a predefined option. So that is easy for everybody. So you will be presented with the list or button and then save this workflow and proceed next!

2. Smart Agent Hand-off

The customer has option to talk to an agent. Let’s say they want talk to agent and state the topic. Now you can redirect that note to an expert. You click on Expert, drag and drop it, and click on edit, and you will get multiple options. You can choose the working days and times to schedule it. So, the user will choose a slot accordingly.

Now, you can choose a preset message to send to the user when there are no working hours and during working hours. Not only that, but you can also select the person to assign, or you can make it remain unassigned too! Save the workflow and exit!

3. Showcase Product/Service

Now, it’s time for the product listing on WhatsApp! So, you can let the customer to explore your offerings with options like “know the product, ” “check our service”, etc.

Listed down the pre-built chatbot modules:

a) Products 

After all, it’s all about checking services or products. Isn’t it? So, you can create a way to showcase many different services and products available at your brand. And users can choose from them. 

b) Product categories

Now, you can show the users what product categories you have. You can use multiple descriptions and options when dragging this tool to the workflow. Here you can ask questions and share the preset options to make the users choose.

c) Products Search 

Well, users may search for a product, and you have to give them this option. You can add text to ask the users to search for their desired product and then share the product details with them. In this step, you can use your services also. Like users can search for your service too!

4. Sharing Media

This is the place where things start getting interesting. You can redirect your customer to check some images, videos, or pdfs to feel more connected and confident to buy your service or product. You can add videos of your service or images of some products which will grab their attention and persuade them to purchase from you. 

5. Hooking Text Lines

We need users to get converted, right? Well, attention-grabbing and persuasive texts can help you with that. You can add thought-provoking texts to show the users which will talk about their pain points and offer the solution by promoting your service. And boom! You can expect better conversions. So, you can also connect this in your chatbot.

6. Go-Live

Finally, you have to save the workflow and make the chatbot live and active by clicking it, which will be available on the top left side of the bar. With this, your bot will be active and ready for usage by other people.

7. Placing your chatbot on website

As for the links and other details, you can put them wherever you like on your website or configure them to work with any message you like. It can be activated for any message where either the customer or the chatbot wishes to initiate a greeting. 

8. Monitor and fine-tune your bot

Once your bot is live, you may track its stats and tweak it as needed. You can learn how people interact with your bot and where it could use enhancement with the help of Hello 24’s suite of tools and analytics.

So, now, your chatbot is live within 5 minutes!  You can do the modifications and more advanced targeting through our no-coder WhatsApp chatbot, but to make it go live, you can do these steps, which will be done in 5 minutes! 

Get your No Code WhatsApp Chatbot Now - Make it easily, just Drag and Drop!
Build WhatsApp Bot in 5 Minutes

Hello 24’s flexible design platform makes it simple to build a bot that delights customers and boosts sales. So, what are you waiting for? Create your WhatsApp bot today with Hello 24!

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