How to Sell on WhatsApp

How to Sell On WhatsApp

How to sell on WhatsApp

A simplified guide to sell using WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp has turned out to be the most convenient channel for people to communicate. It has 2 billion users active on its platform! There are ~8 billion people on earth so this means every 1 out of 4 people on earth uses WhatsApp at least once a month! It is a massive user base for any consumer brand to tap! 

WhatsApp Commerce

WhatsApp has rolled WhatsApp Business API with a focus to enable companies engage with their customers on WhatsApp. We believe Meta (WhatsApp Parent company) is trying to mimic the success, WeChat has in China for conversational commerce. In line with that strategy, WhatsApp has lined up some cool features for companies to build a sales channel on WhatsApp. In this article, let us see some of the key features present already in the Business API channel that can help companies sell. 

The Green Badge

Though getting a green badge is an optional step, we recommend our clients opt for it as it creates a sense of trust in customers’ minds when they interact with you first. More so, green badges help companies to get a better response and reduce report rates when companies proactively reach out to customers with marketing or sales campaigns on WhatsApp. 

Share your products, the right way!

WhatsApp Single Product Message Template

Unlike WhatsApp mobile app platform, WhatsApp Business API enables companies to share their products in a templatized way. This largely increases the user experience while doing the product search. The customer can open the product message to see the product description, price and the options to talk to business or add to cart. 

WhatsApp also allows you to share a list of 30 products in a single message. Further those 30 products can be grouped into segments/product categories. The following image shows how a multi-product message gets shared with customers, how they browse through the product list and finally how they add the items to cart.

Pretty neat indeed! The flow is intuitive and reduces friction typically the user experience while trying to shop on chat media. Further, the WhatsApp shopping flow aims to provide the structured UI of a shopping website and ultimate customization or product clarification through chat. Companies can help customers with product-level discussions and greatly improve sales. Hello24 can help companies to automate most of these conversations so that this process can be scaled to 1000s of products and millions of customers! 

Smart triggers along the purchase cycle

Keep the conversation going with customers throughout their purchase journey, without having to manually set up campaigns to reach out to the right customer at the right time! With Hello24, you will be able to send messages for the following events in the purchase cycle. 

  • Recover abandoned carts through custom discounts
  • Notify offers through automated messages; Even better make it personalized for each customer
  • Alert about products “back in stock” 
  • Proactively update customers on their Orders and Shipment details
  • Take automated post-purchase product feedback

We have seen our customers improving their sales by at least 5% just by using WhatsApp to recover abandoned carts! Our abandoned cart messages not only have the cart link to recover the cart but also have a message prompt asking customers if there are any issues while checkout. This gives a major boost to your customer experience!

Abandoned Cart on WhatsApp

If done rightly, the aforementioned triggers will give huge positive lift to the revenue just like our clients experienced!

Get started on WhatsApp Business API

We believe WhatsApp just getting started with the features and more on the way that will enable commerce on chat. One such cool feature will be the business directory on WhatsApp which will allow users to search for businesses in specific category and initiate chat with them immediately. Sounds exciting? Why don’t you get started on the WhatsApp business API with us? 

You can ping us on WhatsApp to get a product demo and get WhatsApp Business API set up in 5 minutes.  

About Hello24.ai

Hello24.ai is conversational commerce platform that helps companies to engage customers on WhatsApp. Our platform enable you to 

  • Double your sales with guided WhatsApp selling
  • Get 10x ROAS on marketing spends
  • Automate customer support queries

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