How to Connect Razorpay with Hello24.ai WhatsApp Chatbot for eCommerce online stores

How to connect Hello24.ai WhatsApp chatbot with Razorpay for eCommerce online stores

Razorpay is the most asked-for payment solution platform by eCommerce online stores to connect to their WhatsApp Chatbot. If you have been doing online payments, then Razorpay would be one of those names that would be appearing on your screen almost every 7 out of 10 times you make payments in a day. Hence you must connect Razorpay & WhatsApp Chatbot For Quick Payments.

Google says it’s that popular!

Now let us talk about how to connect Razorpay to WhatsApp Chatbot!

To connect Razorpay to the WhatsApp chatbot for an online eCommerce store (on Shopify or WooCommerce WordPress), you will need to use Hello24.ai’s integration tool (Sign Up For a 1:1 Demo Here) to connect both platforms via an API in a jiffy.

Here are just two steps you have to take to ensure that the integration is seamless after you have set up a WhatsApp Business API and created a merchant account with Razorpay:

Step #1) From your merchant account with Razorpay obtain your API key.

Step #2) Login to your hello24ai dashboard

And integrate your WhatsApp Shop with Razorpay by submitting the API keys obtained. Later access the chatbot within your eCommerce online store platform by using a woo-commerce plugin (on WordPress) or Shopify store app. Later create a chatbot, list your store product catalog using hello24.ai apps and then collect customer payments using the Razorpay WhatsApp chatbot.

Connect Hello24.ai WhatsApp Chatbot with Razorpay API for eCommerce online stores

Fantastic job 👏 – the integration is done!

D2C and B2C customers will be able to use and engage with your hello24ai WhatsApp Chatbot to search for products, add to cart, and make quick payments via Razorpay.

Now this is why you must Connect Razorpay & WhatsApp Chatbot For Quick Payments.

FYI: It is critical to test a dummy payment through Razorpay before activating your WhatsApp Shop.

Did You Know

That you could collect part payments to ensure that there are lesser COD rejects at the origin; and also accept payments as pre-booking orders to resolve stock Sold Out issues via WhatsApp.

RAZORPAY feat Hello24 ai TRACK

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So Are You Still Facing Issues to Connect Razorpay to WhatsApp Chatbot?

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