Hello24ai’s 💪PRO Plan: The All-in-One 🎯Solution for eCommerce 🚀Growth and Success

Hello24.ai PRO Plan: The All-in-One eCommerce Solution for Growth and Success Meta description: Discover how the Hello24.ai PRO Plan can help accelerate your eCommerce growth and success with its comprehensive features and tools. Maximize your online store's potential with the ultimate eCommerce solution.

👋Welcome to the ultimate guide on the all-in-one solution for ecommerce growth and success with Hello24ai “PRO Plan“.

So running an ecommerce business requires an extensive set of tools to manage day-to-day operations, maintain a strong online presence, and ultimately drive sales. That’s where the Hello24.ai PRO Plan comes in.

This powerful suite of tools from Hello24.ai combines the power of automated chatbots, customer segmentation, user engagement analytics, and centralized contact databases to help ecommerce businesses streamline their operations, improve their customer service, and increase their revenue. In this guide, we’ll dive deep into the features and benefits of the Hello24.ai PRO Plan, and explain why it’s a must-have tool for any ecommerce business looking to achieve growth and success.

📌So why the PRO Plan and not the Growth or Starter Plan (Discontinued) of Hello24ai?

The “PRO Plan” is a top-notch premium plan that has everything & more of the Growth + Starter plan. Basically, it has the mixed power of the Growth and Starter plan.

PRO Plan has features such as Unlimited messages per broadcast, auto customer segmentation based on order attributes, and Custom integrations that are not available in the Starter and Growth Plan.

When it comes to pricing The “PRO Plan” is actually more reasonable than the Growth Starter Plan!

Here’s Why –

Now, this is very crucial because it has two parts 

✅Part 1:  Monthly fixed subscription cost comes to INR 6,000/- or USD 75 per month (exclusive of taxes).

📢PRO TIP: Zero Setup Cost + Inclusive of WhatsApp API charges

✅Part 2: Hello24AI charges you per Conversation and not Per Message on WhatsApp. 

conversation is a 24-hour time window during which you can exchange unlimited messages with your customer.

So we have ✳️(a) Business Initiated Conversation – This means if the first message is initiated by the business (your brand) i.e. all your marketing broadcasts, order/shipment notifications, etc.

And ✳️(b) User Initiated Conversation – This means if the first message is initiated by the customer i.e. a customer comes to your brand’s WhatsApp channel and texts ‘hi’ or ‘hello’, etc.

Here the PRO plan stands out in pricing at 70 paise per (for) Business initiated conversation and 50 paise per (for) User initiated conversation in India only. When compared to the Starter plan at INR 1 per (for) Business initiated conversation and 80 paise per (for) User initiated conversation, and Growth Plan at  80 paise per (for) Business initiated conversation and 60 paise per (for) User initiated conversation again in India only.

Important Note: Conversation charges vary based on the chosen plan and the recipient’s phone number country code. For knowing the conversation charges applicable to your country please check our website for more details.

And this exclusive PRO plan is offered by Hello24.ai for businesses that need advanced features and more usage of WhatsApp ChatBot to skyrocket their sales from 50 to 100

You will find more about the Why PRO plan below!

illustration showing PRO Plan is a premium plan for whatsapp automation from hello24.ai and and eCommerce Growth with Hello24ai PRO Plan

📌Now Let’s deep dive into the 17 key features of the PRO Plan at Hello24ai for eCommerce Growth:-

(1) Unlimited Broadcasts:

With the PRO Plan, you can send unlimited highly personalized broadcast messages to your customers via WhatsApp. This feature is ideal for businesses that need to reach out to a mass audience with time-sensitive or promotional messages. But the beauty of any broadcast campaign is that it can be scheduled. Just like you schedule emails.

picture about Whatsapp automation for woocommerce store from hello24.ai and eCommerce Growth with Hello24ai PRO Plan

(2) Customer Segmentation:

You can segment your customers into different groups based on their behavior, demographics, or interests. This allows you to send targeted messages that are more relevant to each group.

hello24.ai Top 5 Killer WhatsApp Marketing Strategies that doubled revenue for D2C and B2C brands and eCommerce clients and eCommerce Growth with Hello24ai PRO Plan

(3) User Engagement Analytics for Broadcasts:

You can track the performance of your broadcast messages with detailed analytics that shows the number of delivered, read, and replied messages. Although this in turn helps you optimize your messaging strategy and improve engagement.

picture showing User Engagement Analytics for Broadcasts in the hello24.ai platform and eCommerce Growth with Hello24ai PRO Plan

(4) Centralized Contact Database:

The PRO Plan offers a centralized database where you can store all your WhatsApp contacts, along with their profile information, messaging history, and engagement metrics. This makes it easy to manage your contacts and track their activity.

picture showing centralized Contact Database of hello24.ai and eCommerce Growth with Hello24ai PRO Plan

(5) Chatbot Automation:

Basically, you can create custom chatbots that can handle customer queries, provide product recommendations, or initiate a conversation based on a trigger event. Also, this feature saves time and improves customer service by automating routine tasks.

picture showing Chatbot Automation by hello24.ai and eCommerce Growth with Hello24ai PRO Plan

(6) Topic-Based Agent Routing or Assignment:

You can assign chatbot conversations to human agents based on specific topics or keywords. This ensures that the right agent handles the conversation and provides accurate and timely responses.

photo showing Customer support via hello24.ai whatsapp platform

(7) Free Shopify/WooCommerce Integrations:

However, the PRO Plan offers integrations with popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce on WordPress. It allows you to automate order confirmation, shipping notifications, and abandoned cart recovery messages.

picture showing  Shopify or WooCommerce Integration with whatsapp and hello24.ai and eCommerce Growth with Hello24ai PRO Plan

(8) Auto Abandoned Cart Recovery:

You can send automated messages to customers who have abandoned their carts and encourage them to complete their purchases. So this feature helps you recover lost sales and increase revenue.

phot illustration of Auto Abandoned Cart Recovery option by hello24.ai and eCommerce Growth with Hello24ai PRO Plan

(9) COD Order Confirmation:

Another key point is, you can send automated messages to customers who have selected the cash-on-delivery (COD) payment option and confirm their order. This helps you improve customer trust and reduce order cancellations.

Hello24ai COD solution and eCommerce Growth with Hello24ai PRO Plan

(10) Order & Shipment Notifications:

You can send automated messages to customers when their order is confirmed, shipped, or delivered. This feature keeps customers informed about their order status and improves the overall customer experience.

track order option with hello24.ai whatsapp platform and eCommerce Growth with Hello24ai PRO Plan

(11) Up to 15 Agent Profiles:

At this point, you can create up to 15 agent profiles for your human agents who handle customer conversations. This allows you to assign specific agents to specific tasks or topics and ensure that the right person handles each conversation.

Shared Inbox customer service with priority queues hello24ai and eCommerce Growth with Hello24ai PRO Plan

(12) COD to Prepaid Conversion:

You can send automated messages to customers who have selected the COD payment option and encourage them to switch to prepaid. This helps you reduce payment processing time and increase efficiency.

photo showing COD to Prepaid Conversion option of hello24.ai whatsapp automation platform and eCommerce Growth with Hello24ai PRO Plan

(13) WhatsApp Shop:

You can create a WhatsApp shop where customers can browse and purchase products directly from the chat interface. This feature streamlines the purchasing process and makes it more convenient for customers.

Copy Paste your WooCommerce Store to WhatsApp Shop and Sell 3x Faster and eCommerce Growth with Hello24ai PRO Plan

(14) Pay on WhatsApp with Razorpay:

You can accept payments directly on WhatsApp through UPI, credit card, or debit card. This feature eliminates the need for customers to visit a separate payment portal and improves the overall customer experience. Razorpay payment gateway can be instantly connected to the Hello24.ai platform via an API.

picture explaining about Pay on WhatsApp feature of hello24.ai platform

(15) Auto Segments (Not available in the Growth and Starter Plan):

You can create custom segments based on customer behavior, order history, or engagement level. This helps you target your messaging and promotions to the most relevant audience. The whole process can be auto-segmented via the hello24.ai platform where you can segment on basis of order attributes.

picture showing Auto Segments customer via the hello24.ai platform on whatsapp

(16) Unlimited Messages per Broadcast (Not available in the Starter Plan):

This is the most popular feature of the Hello24ai PRO Plan for skyrocketing your eCommerce Growth. You can send unlimited messages per broadcast, which allows you to communicate more effectively with your audience and achieve better results.

Picture showing Unlimited Messages per whatsapp Broadcast by hello24.ai platform and Ecommerce Growth with Hello24ai PRO Plan

(17) Custom Integrations (Not available in the Growth and Starter Plan):

This is the biggest option for any e-commerce business that opts for the Pro Plan. You can custom integrate your Hello24.ai account with other tools and services that you use regularly for your business, such as CRM, helpdesk, or payment systems. This gives you the power to customize your workflow and improve efficiency according to your business goals or objectives.

WhatsApp Chatbots for Customer Service in India by hello24ai

In conclusion, the Hello24.ai “Pro Plan” offers a range of features designed to help big businesses streamline their customer communication and engagement processes.

So PRO Plan has Unlimited messages per broadcast, auto customer segmentation based on order attributes, and Custom integrations that are not available in the Starter and Growth Plan.

Businesses can efficiently reach their customers with personalized messages and align their campaign performance as per the business goals. The centralized contact database makes it easy to manage and store customer information, while the chatbot automation feature can handle customer inquiries 24/7 + 365 days. Making your brand run ahead of the competition curve!

Now, without any delay get to know more about the Hello24.ai’s “Pro Plan” which unleashes the power of WhatsApp Automation and Conversational Marketing.

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