Hello24AI’s Growth Plan or Starter Plan?

A graphic showing Hello24AI's Growth Plan or Starter Plan, which includes features and pricing information for their AI-powered customer service platform. The image displays a comparison of the two plans side-by-side, with details on the number of agents, monthly conversations, and integrations available for each plan. The Growth Plan offers more features and higher limits than the Starter Plan, with a corresponding increase in price.

Hello24AI’s Growth Plan Vs Starter Plan – Which One Should A WooCommerce Store Owner Choose?


So you have decided to try our WhatsApp ChatBot and appoint Hello24AI as your WhatsApp Automation and Marketing partner.

But wait!

Hold on to that decision before you read this…

In this blog, you will understand the main differences between our two perfectly curated “eCommerce evolution” Plans that are going to help you skyrocket sales by at least 3x.

hello24ai growth and starter plan for woocommerce store owner

Well, firstly the name speaks for itself from your sales point of view!

A starter plan is typically a basic, entry-level option that provides limited resources and features of WhatsApp ChatBot services. It is our cheapest plan (at INR 1,000/- or  USD 15 per month) and is designed for micro businesses (D2C) or individuals who are just starting out a WooCommerce online store.

A growth plan, on the other hand, is designed to provide better resources and features than a starter plan. It is meant for businesses that have already established their first 100 pax customer base and are looking to expand their reach. The growth plan has the complete options of the WhatsApp Chatbot + Shop. And this is our most purchased plan (at USD 35 or INR 2500 per month) by Woocommerce online store owners globally from 10+ countries.

Growth 🚀 💪 🙌 vs Starter 🤑 🤝 🤩

Now let’s deep dive into the main differences between the two.

1. WhatsApp Shop

The Growth plan offers more features than the Starter plan by default. For example, the Growth plan comes with WhatsApp Shop which enables and maps a customer’s purchase journey as it is already set up in your Woocommerce website (basically mirroring your website). This feature allows your customer to do on WhatsApp right from ordering (buying) to Tracking the order. Plus you can even upsell while sharing the order confirmation details with the customer. But this WhatsApp Shop feature is not included in the Starter plan. And WhatsApp Shop is the major difference between Growth Plan and Starter Plan for any woocommerce store owner to first think about before opting.

A screenshot of the Hello24AI platform's integration page, showcasing the ability to connect a WooCommerce store to WhatsApp for streamlined customer communication. The image displays step-by-step instructions and visual cues for connecting the two platforms, including entering API keys and selecting preferred settings. The integration enables customers to receive notifications, updates, and support directly through WhatsApp, improving their shopping experience.

PRO TIP: Download the Hello24AI plugin on WordPress to instantly connect your WooCommerce store with WhatsApp. Free Trial for 14 Days.

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2. COD to Prepaid Conversion:

The Growth plan offers this feature to smartly convert those customers who do cash-on-delivery purchases. Where in allowing you to re-confirm the said order, and collect a part payment for these orders placed on your WooCommerce website or WhatsApp shop. Thereby helping you to decrease the order returns by at least 33%. But this marketing campaign isn’t available on the Starter plan.

A visual representation of the Hello24AI platform's Cash on Delivery (COD) to Pre-Paid Conversion feature, which enables e-commerce businesses to reduce COD orders by offering discounts and incentives for pre-paid orders. The image displays a graph showing the increase in pre-paid orders after implementing the feature, along with a breakdown of the discounts and offers available. The feature also includes automated messaging and order tracking to keep customers informed and engaged throughout the process.

3. Pay on WhatsApp:

As the name suggests, the Growth plan offers this feature to integrate payment gateways (we have Razorpay) and facilitate order payment or collecting payments from customers on WhatsApp itself quicker than ever before. And again this feature is not available on the Starter plan.

4. Customer Agent Limits:

The Growth plan offers higher usage limits than the Starter plan. For example, the Growth plan allows up to 8 customer agent profiles for your brand while the Starter plan has up to 5 customer agent profiles. This is a huge difference between both the Growth and Starter plan for any woocommerce store owner to think of if you have a business that requires intense customer service support.

 A chart displaying the various customer and agent limits available on the Hello24AI platform, which offers scalable and customizable options for businesses of all sizes. The chart includes details on the number of conversations, agents, and integrations available for each plan, with corresponding pricing information. The feature enables businesses to tailor their customer service strategy to their specific needs and budget, while still offering top-quality support to their customers.

5. Pricing of The Plans:

Now, this is a very crucial feature hence has two parts –

Part 1:  Monthly fixed subscription cost comes to INR 2,500/- or USD 35 for the Growth plan. And the Starter plan comes to USD 15 or INR 1,000/- per month.

PRO TIP: Zero Setup Cost + Inclusive of WhatsApp API charges

Part 2: Hello24AI charges you per Conversation and not Per Message. This means a conversation is a 24-hour time window during which you can exchange unlimited messages with your customer.

So we have Business Initiated Conversation This means if the first message is initiated by the business (your brand) i.e. all your marketing broadcasts, order/shipment notifications, etc.

And User Initiated Conversation This means if the first message is initiated by the customer i.e. a customer comes to your brand’s WhatsApp channel and texts ‘hi’ or ‘hello’, etc.

Here the Growth plan stands out in pricing at 80 paise per (for) Business initiated conversation and 60 paise per (for) User initiated conversation in India only. When compared to the  Starter plan at INR 1 per (for) Business initiated conversation and 80 paise per (for) User initiated conversation again in India only.

Important Note: Conversation charges vary based on the chosen plan and the recipient’s phone number country code. For knowing the conversation charges applicable to your country please check our website for more details.

PRO TIP: First 1000 conversations are free across all plans, every month!

6. Customer Support Service:

The Growth plan includes priority customer support from the Hello24AI tech team, meaning that businesses on this plan receive faster response times post-onboarding and more dedicated support directly from our A team.

While above are the differences!

Below are the similarities between both the Growth plan and the Starter plan of Hello24AI:-

  • Unlimited broadcasts, 
  • Customer segmentation, 
  • User engagement analytics for broadcasts, 
  • Centralized contact database, 
  • ChatBot automation (smart workflows for FAQs, Sales queries, etc. only), 
  • Topic-based agent assignment, 
  • WooCommerce API Integrations, 
  • Auto abandoned cart recovery, COD order confirmation and 
  • Order & shipment notifications to your customer

Finally, the decision to choose between the Growth plan and the Starter plan would depend on the specific needs and budget of your business.

However, in general, micro businesses or individuals who own a WooCommerce store just starting out with online customer acquisition may find the Starter plan to be a better fit, as it provides basic WhatsApp ChatBot functionality at a very affordable monthly subscription price.

On the other hand, growing businesses that have acquired their first customer base of about 1000 pax and are in more advanced needs, such as lead management, niche marketing campaign objective, quick agent support, and collect instant payments via quick ordering mechanism from their customers, will benefit more from the Growth plan. As it ensures an enhanced level of customer experience. 

The Growth plan compared to the starter plan offers more features, usage limits, and customization options, making it a better fit for businesses that need more advanced capabilities to manage their customer interactions and WhatsApp chatbot performance.

Overall, businesses should carefully assess their specific needs, budget, and growth plans before selecting a plan. They may also want to consider testing out the platform with the Starter plan before upgrading to the Growth plan, to see if the additional features and resources are necessary for their business operations.

Now, we guess you have a better clarity in choosing a plan?

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