Connect Your WooCommerce Store to WhatsApp Shop And Sell 3x Faster

Copy Paste your WooCommerce Store to WhatsApp Shop and Sell 3x Faster

Alright, first let us understand why you need to Copy Paste (connect) your WooCommerce Store to WhatsApp Shop.

Think about this scenario –

You opened an amazing eCommerce (D2C/B2C) store on the powerful stellar platform on planet earth – WooCommerce (plugin on Word Press). Later added all your SKUs (products), and shared the website link around with friends, family, colleagues, and even neighbors. Sales happened?

Then did ads on Google, Facebook, and also on Instagram. Sales happened?

Later one of your so-called digital marketing gurus said “Do SEO”, and you even did that. Sales happened?

Well by doing Direct and Indirect sales marketing techniques you will be able to sell a bit; but not scale your business for sure – right?

That’s when the force of the WhatsApp Conversational Marketing channel from Hello24.ai can help you figure out how to scale your business by breaking all barriers in your sales funnel or customer purchase journey.

Now, below are those reasons why you must connect your online store – WooCommerce store to a WhatsApp shop to sell 3x faster:-

1) It ‘Mirrors’ Your Website built on WordPress WooCommerce Store to the WhatsApp Store

The Hello24.ai platform enables you to Mirror Your D2C/B2C Website built on WordPress – WooCommerce (plugin) onto A WhatsApp Store via an API.

Download Plugin from WordPress

mirror your woocommerce website to whatsapp shop and connect WooCommerce Store to WhatsApp
After You Mirror Your WooCommerce Website to
WhatsApp Shop + ChatBot

It is like just Copy Paste – your WooCommerce Store (eCommerce website) in a jiffy using the API. Integrating your WooCommerce website into your WhatsApp store helps you to sell effectively. In such a way that your target audience doesn’t have to even log in to your website anymore; buying happens with heights of convenience and ease.

It’s just like purchasing on your website but with an improved customer experience. While the chatbot chats (conveying interesting conversations) with your customer guiding him/her and helping them with making quick buying decisions.

2) It Automates Payment Notification Links and Full/Part Secure Payments from the WooCommerce Store to WhatsApp Shop

You can integrate Razorpay for collecting quick payments – part or full payments flawlessly while your customer goes through a chatbot-guided purchase of your products/services.

Connect Razor Pay With WhatsApp

3) It enhances your power of communicating with your abandoned cart customers directly on WhatsApp

The key is to ensure that your abandoned cart customers see your messages – attention is the currency of marketing. Indirectly reminding them of a purchase journey could help you get your sales back on track. WhatsApp messages sent through the Hello24.ai conversational marketing tool have an open rate of 95%+.

Ain’t that better than spamming your customer with emails, cold calls, sms, stalking google ads, and interrupting Instagram ads?

NUTRABOX saw 2x higher conversion of their abandoned carts by using Hello24 - WhatsApp Commerce

Nutrabox is engaging its customer base on WhatsApp to guide them along their purchase journey. Smart interventions at critical churn points in the sales funnel helped them improve their sales drastically.

Nutrabox uses hello24’s Whatsapp Commerce feature to:

  • Recover abandoned cart
  • Convert COD orders to prepaid

“Hello24’s WhatsApp commerce platform enables us to better engage our customers and drive our sales! Their ‘pay on WhatsApp’ feature has given us 2x more abandoned cart recoveries”

– Nihar Desai (CEO)

4) It Increases the convenience of customers buying and you selling on WhatsApp than on the WooCommerce Store

Connect your WooCommerce store to WhatsApp ensures one thing – which is the buying and selling of products and services is streamlined better than the flow that happens on your website. A customer exiting from your website has less probability to return vs a customer exiting your WhatsApp store. As WhatsApp is one place that your customer frequently visits at least 200 times a day. The chances of your customer colliding with your brand again are highly attainable. Thereby increasing the chance of purchase by at least 80%.

5) Connecting the WooCommerce Store to WhatsApp ChatBot ensures 24/7 + 365 days of customer service

The best part of a WhatsApp Chatbot is this when compared to any other auto messenger, popup tool, or website chatbot. With the power of the hello24.ai Chat Studio CRM assigning customers to your right customer service executive effectively and efficiently without them dropping out is as easy as writing this article.

After you connect WooCommerce Store to WhatsApp – The chatbot guides the user to such an extent that you will hardly need it (chatbot) to assign your customer to a customer agent. Hence the chat flow can be made effectively aligned with frequently asked questions hence reducing the probability of the encounter with your customer service employee.

whatsapp chatbot of hello24.ai connect WooCommerce Store to WhatsApp

6) It Increases the possibility of your Brand name spreading like Wild Fire (brand awareness)

Always remember word of mouth is still the best medium for spreading the news about your brand in the most trustable way. Eg:- When you buy a new car, whom do you first ask?

Well, mostly a friend or family member who owns the same car right?

This is to ensure that you can trust the brand mostly.

Just like that, a customer who had a bad experience would impact your brand’s reputation; a customer who had a wonderful experience will spread your name around like wildfire.

spread brand awareness through hello24.ai connect WooCommerce Store to WhatsApp
Pro-Tip: Request your customer to spread the word at the end of all purchases in the best subtle way possible. Especially guiding them to rate your WhatsApp shop and tagging it on social media or WhatsApp status will definitely open a lot of eyes for sure.

7) It ensures efficient inventory and order management

The best part of connecting the WooCommerce store to the WhatsApp store is that. You can easily identify the most purchased or sold products of yours seamlessly, and track plus manage those products without much hassle. You will be able to identify, maintain and manage stock better for those hot-selling products. Thereby focusing on getting this product range always active and flowing.

inventory management via hello24.ai connect WooCommerce Store to WhatsApp

8) It reduces the Return to Origin and Cash on Delivery rejects

Imagine this – you have customers across India buying goods via option cash on delivery. And by the end of the month, your smile drops when you see the delivery (fulfillment) report. About 63 out of 100 orders are rejected or returned to the origin for reasons – the address being incomplete, no payment is given, or a customer saying to send it back as he/she hasn’t ordered it, etc.

With the power of conversational marketing – you can reduce the RTO & COD rejects by requesting part payment or pre-booking via payment links. So that the customer doesn’t end up rejecting the payment while delivery at their address.

cash on delivery returns solved with hello24.ai connect WooCommerce Store to WhatsApp

9) It double assures your customers’ addresses are correct

Let’s say your customer purchased from your WooCommerce website using the cash-on-delivery option or otherwise. The minute purchase happens a WhatsApp message can be triggered to his/her mobile stating to reconfirm their address for delivery. This not only ensures the order gets delivered to the right address but also creates a feeling that the customer is given importance by the brand. And maybe also allows the customer to edit the address or even get the delivery to an alternate address if required.

GET CORRECT CUSTOMER ADDRESS WITH HELLO24.ai connect WooCommerce Store to WhatsApp

10) It gives customers a one-click option to track their order status

Your WooCommerce store gets merged with the WhatsApp store and the orders the customer place can be instantly tracked with the same mobile number that the customer had given while purchasing the product.

Routing the tracking order portion to the WhatsApp store will be the most effective way to frequently engage your customer with your brand, and enhance the comfort of the product purchase journey.

easy track order d2c b2c via whatsapp with hello24.ai connect WooCommerce Store to WhatsApp

And now comes the most amazing information we have learned from the 500+ global brands and funded startups such as NUTRABOX, ECOVACS Robotics, EvoFoods, Da Milano, etc. who have found our product platform to be helping them scale their businesses!

In the end, you will be surprised to know that a “WhatsApp Marketing Campaign costs at least 15% less than running a similar customer acquisition/lead generation campaign via Google or Facebook ads.

ECOVACS saw 5x higher ROI on their WhatsApp marketing spends

Ecovacs is engaging its customer base on WhatsApp through Cross-Sell and Re-Sell opportunities.

“Hello24’s conversational platform enables

Ecovacs to effectively engage our customer base

and help improve customer loyalty and lifetime value”.

– Dhaval Panchal (CTO)

Install the hello24.ai plugin to connect your WooCommerce Store – it’s Free & Easy!

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