WhatsApp Solves the Eight Most Common Challenges Faced by WooCommerce Users

hello24.ai finds 8 common Challenges faced by woocommerce users

We agree that WooCommerce is the most favored e-commerce platform on earth. But like any platform, it also has its own set of pain points and common challenges faced by its users.

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We spoke to about 500+ WooCommerce Online Stores and dragged out the most common pain points or challenges faced by WooCommerce users. But we actually did this to make you understand the importance of owning a WhatsApp ChatBot and utilizing the Conversational Marketing Strategy it offers to drive your customers to purchase your products conveniently with 200% buyers satisfaction:

#1 Technical Expertise (WordPress):

So WooCommerce is a self-hosted platform, which means that you must have some technical expertise to

  • set up the correct website theme,
  • add SKUs/products,
  • add high-quality product photos,
  • add crisp descriptions,
  • set product pricing,
  • and maintain your online eCommerce store operations like tracking orders, payments, stock, etc.

This can be a barrier for those who are not that technically savvy. Even for those brand founders/ entrepreneurs who don’t have enough time to spare while running a business end to end.

But with the user-friendly and zero code platform of hello24.ai, you can just connect your WooCommerce website to your WhatsApp Shop in a jiffy (simple API code).

Our tech team will by default help you to connect your website at the time of onboarding.

Get a Demo to know more

This will enable you to unleash the power of “WhatsApp Conversational Marketing“.

Your WhatsApp Shop will auto-sync and pick your products (SKUs) from your WooCommerce website. And help you to sell 2x better to those customers who also visit your website to purchase.

In simple words, every product you sell on your WooCommerce store will be available in your WhatsApp Shop. And your ChatBot becomes your Sales Manager.

Finally set up a WhatsApp Chatbot with Zero code in less than 5 mins (Yes, it’s true) on your website. This will reassure you that your customers don’t bounce off your woocommerce website without purchasing.

Check out the video below for proof

How to set up the basic flow of Chatbot on Hello24

#2 Customization Limitations:

The WooCommerce platform offers a wide range of customization options. And some users may find it to be limited in their ability to fully customize their stores to their exact specifications. So you will have to keep downloading addon plugin after plugin to align each specific eCommerce operation like WooCommerce Wallet, YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons, WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips, Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce, etc. to add SKUs, track orders, payment gateway, and other operations.

With the hello24.ai platform integrated into your brand’s WooCommerce Store. You can automatically map all your products on your website into the WhatsApp Shop and sell 2x effectively by linking your most bought or most loved products instantly. No need to manually add your products.

#3 Website Slow Load Time is one of the most common Challenges Faced by WooCommerce users:

Your website integrated with the WooCommerce platform at times experiences slow load/down times. This is one of the biggest reasons for customers not buying from you. 

Don’t believe us?

While on the flip side, this reduces your brand’s trust. Negatively impacts a customer’s experience, and leads to a higher bounce rate which later declines your sales. Globally, WooCommerce users will definitely agree that they experience slow load times, especially if their stores are hosted on shared servers.

With the hello24.ai platform integrated into your brand’s WooCommerce Store, your customers can begin the same purchase journey set on your online website store. Our platform has a comprehensive conversational commerce platform for end-to-end guided purchase journeys. Right from Selecting a Product, making payments, and tracking orders.

#4 High Fees & Limited Payment Options:

WooCommerce is a free platform, but users must pay for web hosting, domain names, SSL certificates, and other operational add-on services. Which can sum up to a high cost for businesses with high sales volumes. WooCommerce does not charge transaction fees, but users may still face fees for payment processing, credit card fees, and other services which are also one of the major challenges faced by WooCommerce users.

While WooCommerce supports a wide range of payment options and partner fintech products. Some users may find that their preferred payment options are not supported or are highly costly for foreign currency payments.

Whereas the hello24.ai platform supports an instant integration of the most trending payment unicorn Razorpay.

#5 SEO Limitations:

SEO is important and the most sacred strategy to promote your website on WooCommerce. But WooCommerce may not have all the SEO features that some users need to effectively optimize their stores for search engines. And this is one of the major challenges faced by WooCommerce users. You will have to rely on SEO tools like Yoast or RankMath.

Well with the hello24.ai platform, you don’t even have to worry too much about SEO rankings for organic traffic as by default reaching customers via WhatsApp is very easy with our WhatsApp ChatBot that implements a Conversational Marketing strategy that ensures about 2x sales online for your brand.

#6 Security Concerns:

Since your website is on a self-hosted platform, WooCommerce users must take responsibility for their own security. This can be a challenge for those who are not familiar with online security best practices, Hosting providers’ norms, and SSL certificates.

cyber security threat resolution by hello24.ai

Whereas the hello24.ai platform supports your brand in getting a green tick

Which is the official credibility given by Meta (Facebook) that says your business/brand can be trusted or is an authentic business. This gives you extra mileage in the eyes of your customers and in turn, helps in brand stickiness.

#7 Compatibility Issues:

WooCommerce plugins and themes may not always be compatible with one another, which can lead to compatibility issues and technical challenges in most of the users’ devices. Hampering a good customer experience while purchasing a product from you.

Whereas the hello24.ai platform unleashed the power of WhatsApp – When was the last time WhatsApp didn’t open on a device?

It can even be connected to the desktop – right?

The downtime of WhatsApp could be about 0.00000001% or something globally otherwise it could be because your phone crashed at the mindset of a transaction.

#8 Another Significant challenge Faced by WooCommerce users is the Lack of Effective Support:

Unlike other e-commerce platforms, WooCommerce does not have a dedicated customer support team (at least till yesterday), which can be a challenge for users who need help with their stores.

Whereas the hello24.ai platform has a dedicated tech team 9/6 Days when you opt for the Growth or PRO plan.

Check out the plan here

Now for your customers, you can just set automated messages. If your customer service guy is out of the office. The rest will be handled by our WhatsApp chatbot – fully automatic with preset personalized conversational messages.

But overall, WooCommerce is a powerful e-commerce platform that has a lot of great features, but like any platform, it also has its own set of pain points and challenges faced by its users. You must weigh the pros and cons and determine if WooCommerce is the right platform for your brand/business needs.

And that is where hello24.ai has a 5 Star Rating on WordPress in Customer Service.

Now after reading all this about WhatsApp and WooCommerce, the next question in your mind would be, How can I use this Product?

Zero Set-up Cost

No other Hidden charges – Prices are inclusive of WhatsApp API charges

Monthly 25000 conversations are Free* in the PRO plan

About Hello24.ai

Hello24.ai is conversational commerce platform that helps companies to engage customers on WhatsApp. Our platform enable you to 

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  • Get 10x ROAS on marketing spends
  • Automate customer support queries

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