5 Killer WhatsApp Marketing Strategies to Double Your Sales in 2024

picture showing 5 Killer WhatsApp Marketing Strategies FROM HELLO24AI to Double your Revenue in 2024

As the saying goes, if you are not using WhatsApp in 2024, then you could be a dinosaur from another planet.

With over 3+ billion users worldwide, India has the maximum number of users as per this report even after the privacy issue, Meta faced in 2021. Why?

Because WhatsApp is super easy to use (voice, video call, and text message even for the 60’s generation), and stay connected to your people in a jiffy. It’s a one-stop community-building and viral news-spreading platform for all age groups. Hence these WhatsApp Marketing Strategies in 2024 have become a powerful growth hack (jugaad) for eCommerce Brands to instantly reach their target audience efficiently.

Having said that, did you know this?

So here is the secret – Our Top 5 WhatsApp Marketing Strategies in 2024 that Doubled Revenue for D2C/B2C and eCommerce clients:-

1) Auto Personalize Your Chat Messages via the ChatBot and Drive Sales – Contests, Coupons Codes, Discounts, Loyalty Programs and buy 3 Get 3 Offers:

Make a Buyer’s Journey – Think like your customer and talk right into their heart in any language!

Use your customer’s name and any other personal information you have to make the message friendly and genuine with the right context in such a way; that they feel that one of their buddies is reminding them to buy your product or trying to tell them reasons to use your service.

hello24.ai Top 5 Killer WhatsApp Marketing Strategies that doubled revenue for D2C/B2C brands and eCommerce clients

Consider offering special value discounts to encourage people to engage with your brand on WhatsApp using the bulk message 📢broadcast tool to reach out to the right target audiences.

Further, use hello 24 .ai solutions to upsell and cross-sell related products or services to your existing customers and encourage them to make additional purchases.

Easy to invite your audience to big events and contests to ensure brand stickiness/loyalty and increase active users. Thereby ensuring that you are in the top-of-their-mind always.

hello24.ai Top 5 Killer WhatsApp Marketing Strategies that doubled revenue for D2C/B2C brands and eCommerce clients

Pro Tip: At the end of a purchase – “request your customer to share this product with their friends and colleagues”, hence giving you an opportunity to get more leads to the WhatsApp Chatbot

2) Segment your audience with the hello24.ai platform:

Tag and group your customer contact list into different segments based on specific buying interest, or on the campaign objectives:-

WhatsApp Chatbots for Customer Service in India by hello24ai

Specific products purchased, services availed, buying preferences/characteristics, location (city, state, county), or product wishlist interests, so you can retarget these customers even seasonally by sending messages that are more relevant to them.

Hence, increase the conversion rate or buying probability by at least 3x nurturing relevant leads.

hello24.ai Top 5 Killer WhatsApp Marketing Strategies that doubled revenue for D2C/B2C brands and eCommerce clients

3) Use Catchy Text Subject Lines for a higher open rate, which will ensure customer acquisition:

The subject line of your WhatsApp message is what will catch the recipient’s (audience) attention and excite him/her to come in contact with your brand.

So make sure it’s clear, crisp, concise, catchy, and accurate to the context of their situation or pain point.

The point is to ensure that your customer opens your message and hence kick-starts the purchase journey.

4) Use High Definition Media Graphics to create buyer excitement with Retargeting Campaigns:

Include relevant images, videos, product catalogs, and other multimedia in your messages to communicate interestingly if a customer drops off without buying a specific product on your Shopify or WooCommerce website. 

Show value and share the right content (Image, Video, Document) with great call-to-action buttons to your customer to increase a buying interest and nail it with the right utility discounts + offers.

This builds trust in their minds in the long run.

WhatsApp Interactive buttons

In turn makes your customers more sticky, drooling to buy, and interact better with a higher interest in your brand. This is one of the best WhatsApp Marketing Strategies in 2024

5) Use WhatsApp Chat Studio (CRM) To Stay Connected With Your Customers 24/7 + 365 Days, even when your employees are out-of-office:

Set up automated pre-planned messages in the right context to be sent to your customers at any specific time or whenever certain event triggers are met.

Eg: When they sign up for your newsletter, make a purchase, or drop out after adding products to your cart.

Now the best part here is you can use the hello24 .ai platform to connect and catch your customers through WhatsApp if you have a Shopify or WooCommerce website and even make them take orders on WhatsApp – yeah, it’s fully automated.

Important: Don’t forget to take a ‘yes’ consent from your customer on that first – WhatsApp text message for future communications from your brand.

WhatsApp Chatbots for Customer Service in India by hello24ai
This thread of WhatsApp Marketing Strategies in 2024 doesn’t end here!

Find out how Hello24.ai has helped D2C & B2C brands scale 7X with a no-code WA ChatBot and WA growth hacks to engage, sell and convert their audience via WhatsApp better than the normal Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn Ads.

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