20+ WhatsApp Quick Replies for better customer service

20+ WhatsApp Quick Replies for better customer service

WhatsApp Business is among the most popular business messaging apps on the market today. WhatsApp Business was launched in January 2018 and as of now, it hosts 5 million organizations.

Businesses must stay on their toes on WhatsApp, be proactive, and utilize WhatsApp to provide customer support, which can take up a lot of support team bandwidth as they grow. This is where WhatsApp Business API comes in handy.

WhatsApp Business API boasts useful features like the ability to set up quick replies and automate responses to common customer queries, making it easier for brands to interact directly with their customers at scale!

Firstly what kind of quick replies do you need to keep ready?  

Let us get started on some of the most commonly used quick reply templates.

Welcome/Greeting messages

  • Hello (customer name), 👋 thanks for contacting us. Our team will be in touch shortly.
  • Hi there! 👋 (Organization name) is glad to see you. How can we assist you today?
  • Greetings, (customer name). 😊 We’re here to help you round the clock. How can we help you today?

Delayed reply message

  • We apologize for the wait! We are currently offline and will resume work tomorrow. Feel free to ask anything now.
  • We are experiencing a high number of requests currently. 😢 Sorry, we could not respond to you on time. How can we help you today?

Support window Info

  • You can call us at our store’s listed number 9 am to 6 pm on weekdays. Feel free to contact us at any time. 🙏
  • Our support team operates from 9 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday. Don’t hesitate to call us if you need support! 🙏

Refunds and return policies

  • At (business name), we accept returns within 10 days. Click here to read our return policy – (link).
  • We are happy to let you know that your refund has been initiated! Expect it in your bank account by (date).

Technical glitches

  • The website/app appears to be encountering technical problems right now. We’re working to resolve the problem. Please bear with us.
  • Our team has addressed the issue; thank you for your patience.✊🏻 We hope you’ll shop with us again!
  • Thank you for your patience during our technical issue.🤝🏻 Our tech team was able to fix it. Happy shopping again! 

Service/Product review requests

  • We appreciate your feedback about our support services. Please feel free to leave an online review of your experience if you liked it. It will help us improve. – [link]
  • You don’t have to look anywhere else! The best prices are already listed on our website. 

Back-in-stock notifications

  • You asked and we obliged! (product name) is back in stock! 🔥🔥Hurry now and order it!
  • We are happy to inform you that (product name) is back in stock again! 💃🏻💃🏻Please order it asap!
  • Your wait is over! (product name) is back in stock again!! Order now!

New product notifications

  • Hey (name), we got a surprise for you! 🎉🎉 We are launching a new collection of (product name) and you are among the exclusive customers to get a product launch offer of (offer amount). Why wait? Order now!
  • Today we’re launching our new line of (product name). Would you like to get a sneak peek and order? know more @ (link)

No discounts messages

  • Hi (name), our website has the best deals available for you, and no other websites can come close to our deals. We are confident you’ll be pleased with the quality of our products, too!
  • You don’t have to look anywhere else! The best prices are already listed on our website. 

Closing conversations

  • Thank you so much for reaching out to us. We hope that we were able to address your concerns successfully. If there is something you need help with, please let us know. 🙏
  • We hope we were able to assist you with your queries. If you need assistance with anything else, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Thanks! 🙏

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